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Iowa judge blocks Iowa's attempt to ban abortions at sixth week of pregnancy

A federal judge in Iowa will block a new Iowa law banning abortions when a fetal heartbeat can be detected, similar to legislation struck down by a federal court in Arkansas.
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The fight against Planned Parenthood hits family planning participation

The Associated Press reports that Iowa has experienced a 50 percent drop in family planning program participation after excluding Planned Parenthood and others that also provide abortion from participating.

Tom Cotton continues to explore Iowa

U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton insists he's running for re-election in Arkansas in 2020, not president of the U.S., or so news coverage out of Iowa last night indicates. A few asterisks here.

Presidential candidate Tom Cotton in Iowa

Here's another take on Sen. Tom Cotton's visit to Iowa last week to plow ground for a race for president in 2020. Readers came armed with Cotton's record.

Tom Cotton: The 'post-Trump Republican Party'

The Economist was among the publications encouraged to follow U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton around Iowa earlier this week as he campaigned for Iowa Republicans and himself as a 2020 presidential candidate. Precious little was said about this year's presidential nominee.

Cotton gets funny in Iowa

A Tweet from Dave Weigel, accompanying Sens. Tom Cotton and Chuck Grassley to town hall meetings (something Cotton is loathe to attend in Arkansas)

Tom Cotton gets a follower in Iowa

Dave Weigel of the Washington Post Tweeted last night that he was in eastern Iowa last night "where I will be following Tom Cotton on the #2020 primary trail."

Tom Cotton campaigns for Tom Cotton in Iowa

The Wall Street Journal notes that U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton is appearing at some Republican fund-raising dinners in Iowa, but not campaigning for Donald Trump.

Our errant public servants, part 2: AG, treasurer ineligible for leave

Matt Campbell's Blue Hog is still sniffing up problems with Attorney General Leslie Rutledge and State Treasurer Dennis Milligan's decision to campaign for Mike Huckabee on office time: Namely, their claim that they were "on personal leave."

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders heading for tight race in Iowa Monday

Hillary Clinton has a small lead in Iowa polling heading into the caucuses Monday, but it's looking to be closer than the once-inevitable frontrunner would have hoped and Bernie Sanders may well have the advantage in New Hampshire, particularly if he has some momentum from a strong showing in Iowa.

Huckabee laments 'F-bomb' use by women in New York

Mike Huckabee says Fox-y ladies in New York cuss at work. And he's disgusted. Nobody would cuss like that in Iowa, he says.