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Shoe's on other foot for opponents of Hurricane Sandy aid in South Carolina

Now that South Carolina is coping with unimaginable flooding, it's time for everyone in the U.S. to join hands and chip in to disaster relief. Right? Or should the example of Tom Cotton and other southern Republicans, including those from South Carolina, be followed. They opposed Hurricane Sandy aid.
IT Arkansas job board

Arkansas Republicans, except Crawford, nix Hurricane Sandy aid

Tis an ill wind that will blow Arkansas storm victims no good when their day inevitably arrives for extra government help in the face of disaster.

Daily Show rips Tom Cotton and Co.

The Daily Show rips the likes of Tom Cotton for voting against hurricane relief.

How extreme is U.S. Rep. Tom Cotton? UPDATE

Batten down the hatches 4th District of Arkansas the next time a tornado, flood, ice storm or other calamity requires a call to the federal government for help.

House Republicans stiff Sandy victims

Speaking of extremists: House Speaker John Boehner is coming under fire for not allowing a House vote on Senate-passed Hurricane Sandy relief legislation.

Romney makes politics out of tragedy

Happily, Mitt Romney is catching flak for his effort to capitalize on Hurricane Sandy by turning campaign rallies into disaster relief rallies that only served to create headaches for relief agencies with unwanted canned good donations.

Remember when Romney proposed to send FEMA work to the states?

Mitt Romney is doing a Hurricane Sandy flipperoo today. His campaign is saying he didn't propose to abolish the Federal Emergency Management Agency.