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Borderline insane: Political theater overwhelms real solutions to immigration crisis

Congress blew a real opportunity to improve the system even as the number of arrests for illegal border crossings reached historic levels and Texas played rogue immigration enforcer.
IT Arkansas job board

Sanders, fellow Republican governors to stir up fear and anger at a made-for-TV border press conference Sunday

Thanks to a recent law change, Sanders is free to dash off on taxpayer-funded campaign trips like this one to try out anti-immigration talking points in hopes of winning a VP spot on Trump's presidential ticket.

Arkansas United launches new federally-funded immigrant integration program

The organization will use the $250,000 in federal funding to focus on closing service gaps in rural communities and across the state.

Amid House chaos, Westerman pushes plan to build roads at the border to better block migrants

Rep. Bruce Westerman of Hot Springs presented legislation in D.C. Thursday to build roads along the entire US-Mexico border, the idea being that the roads would make the area easier to patrol. Not everyone bought in on his plan.

Tyson under investigation for potential child labor violations at poultry plants

A spectacular piece of NYT reporting leads to a federal investigation of Tyson Foods and Purdue Farms over hiring children to work in slaughterhouses. Meanwhile, states are rolling back child labor laws.

Arkansas National Guard troops coming home this week after $1.3 million deployment to southern border

With Sanders' Fox News photo op complete, the 80-member Guard contingent is returning to Arkansas.

Rutledge's political run to the border

Leslie Rutledge's trip to Texas did nothing to deal with immigration, but it was about politics, not real people.
Picture of DACA recipient and future teacher Jennifer Carmona at UA-Little Rock

New Arkansas laws remove barriers for immigrants, despite legislature’s rightward turn

A new state law will soon open the door to almost any career path for some groups of immigrants, marking the latest in a remarkable series of legislative victories for Arkansas’s immigrant community.

Biden unveils immigration legislation

Line up the usual xenophobic opponents.

Arkansas Senate passes bill to let DACA students access in-state tuition rates

"They want to be good citizens, because this is their home as much as it’s my grandchildren’s home, because this is where they’ve grown up," Douglas said of DACA recipients. "But our system doesn’t provide a pathway for them to be able to obtain citizenship."

Former Little Rock ICE officer reveals forgery on warrants for detained immigrants

CNN reports today on the discovery by a former Immigration and Customs Enforcement deportation officer in Little Rock of a widespread practice of forging arrest warrants for suspected unauthorized immigrants.

UPDATE: House committee unanimously approves bill to let DACA recipients become nurses

House Bill 1552, sponsored by freshman Rep. Megan Godfrey (D-Springdale), now heads to the full House for a vote. It appears to enjoy broad bipartisan support, with several Republicans (and other Democrats) signing on as cosponsors of the bill.