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Chris Jones' note to self: Don't stop believing

Chris Jones considers the inaugurations of Gov. Sarah Sanders of Arkansas and Gov. Wes Moore of Maryland and finds a lesson in contrasts.
IT Arkansas job board

LR police say no information yet about inaugural unrest here

All is quiet, LRPD says.

The specter of more insurrections: No Guard presence planned at Arkansas Capitol as yet

In Little Rock, authorities are watchful.

Inaugural parties: Who pays, who can pay? UPDATE

Lots of parties this week by and for Republican state officials. Here's some details on the financing and the questions raised about one of them for Leslie Rutledge.

Pay to play with a Trump: $1 million

A post-inaugural event for Donald Trump is seeking big donations from people who, according to draft material, will be given hunting/fishing trips with Trump's sons. They, incidentally, will continue to operate the future president's private business.

Hutchinson announces inauguration plans

Details have been announced for ceremonies Jan. 12-13 related to the inauguration of Asa Hutchinson as governor. The inaugural address is at noon Tuesday, Jan. 13, on the Capitol steps.

David Koon: Heading home from the inaugural

From the Arkansas buses heading home after President Obama's second inaugural, David Koon writes: Outside Washington, DC — We're on the bus again, headed west.

David Koon: At the Obama inaugural

David Koon checked in late last night from Washington, where he's joined the M.K. King Commission chartered bus caravan of Arkansans attending President Obama's second inauguration.

David Koon: On the Obama Inaugural road trip

Report from David Koon, riding with the M.K. King Commission to the Obama inaugural: BLACKSBURG, VIRGINIA — A bus at night is no place to be — black hallway where the minutes shuffle, punctuated by the pained little noises of sleepers and the turbo wine of the big diesel engine out back.

UPDATE: An inaugural morning line

The morning roundup: * I LOVE A PARADE: President Obama takes the oath today for a second term, though formal inaugural activities are tomorrow.

How fancy the inaugural?

The New York Times today weighs the approach of a variety of new governors to their coming inaugural festivities.