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Report: Arkansas's tax system squeezes the poor, goes easy on the rich

Among the interesting nuggets in the report: Arkansas is among only five states that do not offer any sort of property tax breaks designed to help lower-income homeowners.
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UPDATE: Special session called for Tuesday, no surprises. The rich will get richer. Teachers get nothing

Call for session coming this afternoon.

Legislature comes up with crumbs to make cut for rich more palatable

Apparently aware of terrible optics, the legislature now has a plan for a one-time credit for lower income people. Not all of them. And not much compared with the windfall for the rich.

How the rich get richer: Income tax avoidance

Waltons figure prominently on a list of tax burdens on wealthiest Americans,

Oct. 25 the legislative circus comes back to town

In two weeks they'll be back. For how long? Too long whatever the outcome.

Free beer tomorrow: The promises to end the state income tax

Republicans keep selling the fiction that income tax cuts pay for themselves. They never have. That's why candidates have few details to back up their promise of free beer tomorrow.

Income-tax free Texas may not be such a good deal after all

Talk of eliminating the Arkansas tax would hurt the state but help a few millionaires.

Arithmetic needed by Republican Party when it talks about ending the income tax

Republican candidates are in dreamland when they talk about eliminating the income tax.

Democrats call for childcare and tax relief for essential workers during crisis

The Democratic Party proposes child care tax credits and and income tax suspension for everyone making less than $150,000 year. Unlikely, but interesting.

Income tax cuts and medical procedures proposed for special session agenda

The Senate refused an attempt to delay an income tax cut but still may consider a meassure targeting elective medical procedures. Sounds like abortion is the target.

Governor: State facing $350 million revenue shortfall by June 30, which will require a special session

The state will delay income tax filing and between this and the economic downturn the state must have a special legislative session to cope with a $353 million revenue shortfall.

Arkansas legislative session a 'perfect storm' for low-income, analyst writes

Rich Huddleston of Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families writes that the governor and legislature are creating a "perfect storm" for lower-income people with tax policies that favor the rich and reduce money for public services. Amen.