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UPDATE: Judge denies request for order on marijuana polling

UPDATE: Federal Judge James Moody Jr. today denied a request for a temporary restraining order to force better notice at Arkansas polls that votes for Issue 7, the medical marijuana initiative, won't count.
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Hearing set Friday on suit seeking voter notice on marijuana ballot ruling

Federal Judge James M. Moody Jr. has set a hearing at 11 a.m. Friday on the lawsuit urging im to order state election officials to post prominent notice at all polling places that votes for Issue 7, the marijuana initiated act, will not count because of an Arkansas Supreme Court ruling.

UPDATE: Legal action filed on marijuana voting

Jack Wagoner, a Little Rock lawyer, has filed a lawsuit in federal court alleging violations of constitutional due process in insufficient notice to voters about two medical marijuana proposals that appear on Arkansas election ballots.

Lawyer circulates ideas about a lawsuit over the marijuana ruling

Little Rock lawyer Jack Wagoner has posted a Q&A on his Facebook page about the Supreme Court marijuana ruling yesterday that includes a solicitation for potential plaintiffs in a lawsuit he's contemplating.

Lawyers in Tennessee marriage case get $2 million

I'm about to decide that the lawyers who fought for marriage equality in state and federal courts in Arkansas got screwed. Get a load of what a Tennessee judge just gave winners of the lawsuit there challenging a same-sex marriage ban.

Federal judge awards $19,950 attorney fees against state in marriage case, brings total to over $93,000

Federal Judge Kristine Baker entered an order Friday awarding a total of $19,950 in attorney fees in the federal case that successfully challenged the state ban on same sex marriage.

Judge in state same-sex marriage case awards attorneys $33K each

One calls that 'a slap in the face.'

Judge Piazza awards $66,000 in attorney fees and expenses in same-sex marriage case

Circuit Judge Chris Piazza today awarded a total of $66,000 in attorney fees and expenses — far less than had been sought — to the lawyers who won the state court case challenging the state ban on same-sex marriages.

8th Circuit trims fee request in marriage case

The 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals today trimmed the request for attorney fees to be paid by Arkansas in the appellate portion of the successful challenge of the state's ban on same-sex marriage. The state will have to pay almost $7,500, about $5,000 less than requested. Fee requests pend in two other lower courts.

Hearing set on marriage case attorney fees

Circuit Judge Chris Piazza has set a hearing Oct. 14 on requests for attorney fees in the case that led to Piazza's ruling striking down state bans on same-sex marriage.

8th Circuit rejects state's idea on same-sex marriage case

A federal appeals court has sided with plaintiffs and affirmed the district court ruling striking down the Arkansas ban on same-sex marriage. Although the U.S. Supreme Court decided the marriage question in June, this decision still matters for Arkansas couples fighting for equal treatment in the eyes of the law regarding the birth certificates of their children and other matters.

Attorney fee request indicates a difference of opinion on plaintiffs' side

The Wagoner Law Firm Thursday filed its renewed claim for $95,000 in attorney fees — and for an enhancement of the amount — for representing plaintiffs in the successful circuit court challenge of the state ban on same-sex marriage. The filing by Jack Wagoner indicates it was filed apart from any claim by Cheryl Maples, another lawyer for plaintiffs and the lawyer who originally filed the case, because of a difference in viewpoint on work done and money owed.