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Showing crooks God’s love

If you are among the many Arkansans who weep over the occasionally stern treatment of white-collar crooks, July 29 had to be a heartwarming day.
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Your tax dollars NOT at work in Fort Smith

KFSM reports on the sorry state of Fort Smith's unfinished River Valley Sports Complex, the project then-Sen. Jake Files used as a pretext to funnel state money into his own pockets.

Prison time begins for former Sen. Jake Files. More lawmakers to come.

John Lovett reports for the Times Record in Fort Smith that former Republican Sen. Jake Files reported Thursday to serve an 18-month federal prison sentence for stealing state General Improvement Fund money.

Former senator Jake Files gets 18-month prison sentence

UPDATE: Federal Judge P.K. Holmes this morning sentenced former Republican Sen. Jake Files to 18 months in prison for scheming to divert state money into his own pocket and his failing construction company.

Special prosecutor to review wire transfer to former senator by nursing home owner

A special prosecutor will be appointed to investigate an $80,000 wire transfer made by a nursing home executive to then-Sen. Jake Files of Fort Smith.

Jake Files never disclosed the $80,000 he received from nursing home executive

Jake Files never disclosed receiving the $80,000 on his statement of financial interest that he filed as a legislator. If the money was a gift (which would look pretty damning) or a loan, Files is required to disclose it. He did not.

Fort Smith may sue former Sen. Files

The Southwest Times Record reported today that the city of Fort Smith is considering suing former Sen. Jake Files and Sebastian County Election Commissioner Lee Webb as individuals to recover the $1.08 million the city gave them to build the River Valley Sports Complex.

The mysterious $80,000 wire transfer: Jake Files, the nursing home industry, and the "tort reform" ballot initiative

Tangled webs: An $80,000 wire transfer from Michael Morton's parter to former state Sen. Jake Files during a legislative push for the nursing home lobby's top priority.

Records show financial tie between senator and health agency she helped get grant

A state senator's business relationship with a company she helped receive state money.

Eddie Cooper, former legislator, pleads guilty to kickback conspiracy

Eddie Wayne Cooper, 51, who served three terms as a Democratic state representative from Melbourne, has pleaded guilty in Springfield, Mo., to participating in a conspiracy to embezzle more than $4 million from a nonprofit health care agency.

Lock him up

To no one's surprise, Republican state Sen. Jake Files of Fort Smith entered a negotiated guilty plea Monday in federal court to bank and wire fraud and money laundering charges.

Does Jake Files face prison time and, if so, how much?

Republican Sen. Jake Files is looking at jail time for his guilty plea to fraud and money laundering, but how much depends on the amount of loss he caused and the feelings of the sentencing judge.