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Conway School Board clamps down on teachers with new policies on media interviews, use of school technology

The Conway School Board puts new limits on staff communication.
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Questions raised about client list on Conway superintendent's consultant website

Conway Superintendent Jeff Collum and Deputy Superintendent Jason Black are paid adjunct faculty members for the state's Criminal Justice Institute.

Conway School Board's Texas training expenses exceed $10,000

Members of the Conway School Board bragged during their meeting this week about the benefits of a recent training session in Plano, Texas. I've since tallied up the cost of that experience. So, you can decide if taxpayers got their money's worth.

Controversial Conway School Board keeps in-person attendance as low as it can at public meetings

Why won't the Conway School Board hold meetings in a cafeteria or auditorium where all who want to attend can do so? The district has plenty of those larger venues at their disposal. Keeping the public at bay is a bad look for a district that swings from controversy to controversy.

Conway School Board's only black member urges politics-focused panel to get back to education

Conway School Board member Dr. David Naylor Jr. publicly apologized Tuesday night and said he was the one who called Superintendent Jeff Collum about the Black History Month T-shirts coaches wore at a recent basketball game.

Conway School Board to consider superintendent's contract, discuss changing email deletion practice

Among the items the Conway School Board will take up Tuesday night are Superintendent Jeff Collum's contract and a contentious policy under which emails that aren't archived are deleted after three days -- well, at least some supposedly are.

The Conway School Board meeting that was an attempt at PR but turned into a media-bashing party

Conway School Board members complained about fulfilling FOIA requests Tuesday.

Faulkner County GOP recruited candidates for school board races

Faulkner County Republicans openly push partisan candidates for nonpartisan positions, and it's working. Consider the rightward lurch on the Conway School Board.

Conway School Board moves closer to a decision on contentious restroom policy

The Conway School Board appeared to be moving closer Wednesday to voting on a restroom policy that could effectively out some transgender students and that, according to the board attorney, is unique among school districts in Arkansas.

UPDATE: Several speak out against transgender restroom ban proposal

The Conway School District couldn't point to any instances of a transgender person causing concern or alarm in school bathrooms. Regardless, a push is afoot to politicize who pees where. The board meets tonight at 6.

Gender issues on next Conway school board's agenda

With three new self-declared conservative members, the Conway School District's board is about to wade into gender issues. That's a scary thought considering one of those new members is a self-declared "patriot."

Conservatives claim Conway School Board seats