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Secretary of state requests $3.6 million to double State Capitol Police officers

Arkansas Secretary of State John Thurston has requested the legislature to double the amount of State Capitol Police officers providing security near the Capitol.
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Attorney general pushes back on Get Loud’s strategy to register more voters

An attorney general opinion seems to greenlight electronic signatures for voter registration applications, but is less clear on digital application forms. The voting rights group Get Loud Arkansas says they're confident their new system passes the test.

Some AR county clerks will honor electronic signatures for voter registration, some won't

A clever fix to get more Arkansans on the rolls and to the polls is fielding predictable backlash from members of the political party that's more likely to win when fewer people can vote.

Secretary of state warns against voter registration e-signatures; Pulaski clerk says she’ll keep taking them

Mixed messages from the the Arkansas secretary of state about the validity of electronic signatures on voter registration forms is causing confusion.

State Supreme Court agrees to expedite case filed by group seeking to require paper ballots and limit absentee voting

The high court ordered Secretary of State John Thurston and the Board of Election Commissioners to respond to the lawsuit by Friday, Jan. 26.

Capitol Police take "precautionary measures" after received email threat

Emailed threats landed at state Capitols across the country today, including Arkansas's.

Judge dismisses lawsuit challenging Arkansas's absentee ballot rules

Arkansas has among the highest mail-in ballot rejection rates in the country. But Holmes said the state's rules pose "only a minimal burden on the right to vote."

Time to submit your design for a 'monument to the unborn' at the Arkansas Capitol

Here's a proposal. How about a giant inflatable fetus instead?

Trash the vote: Why Arkansas rejects more of its mail-in ballots than almost any other state

Arkansas chucks out more of its absentee ballots than most other states, disenfranchising members of the military, students away at school, people unable to reach the polls for medical reasons and many others.

CAPES fell short of required signatures for ballot measure, Arkansas secretary of state says

The final tally was "at least 978 short of the number legally required," Secretary of State John Thurston wrote.

More traps set for ballot measures, bill would require a license to gather signatures

State Rep. David Ray (R-Maumelle) filed a bill Friday that would require paid canvassers to obtain a license from the state and undergo a training program organized by the secretary of state.

Secretary of State: Challenger says office could do more to correct state's low voter participation

Secretary of State John Thurston put on defensive on voting and business support services.