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Northeast Arkansas Circuit Judge-elect arrested on aggravated assault, domestic battery charges

Jonesboro police report Brimhall choked his 16-year-old daughter. Brimhall says he was trying to give her a "noogie."
IT Arkansas job board

'Here come the witches': How congregants in the Southern Delta Church of Wicca found acceptance

Thirty years after a satanic panic almost led to clashes between Christians and Wiccans in the streets of Jonesboro, priest Terry Riley and his pagan flock have gained acceptance for their good works.

Jonesboro shooting leaves 3 dead, at least 3 injured

The Jonesboro Police Department said on Facebook that the shooting "occurred at a private party" and police believe there's no active threat to the community.

Arkansas printmaker and professor Evan Lindquist dies at 87

Lindquist's influential works were called "metaphors of the mind" by one reviewer. The Salina, Kansas, native was named Arkansas's first Artist Laureate in 2013, and taught art at Arkansas State University for 40 years. Lindquist excelled outside of the classroom as well as in it; he was a renowned figure on the landscape of American printmaking, and his works are in permanent collections across the world.

Tiny Towns is learning how to tame the angst

The defining feature of pretty much any song by Jonesboro indie rock band Tiny Towns is a sense of dissatisfaction, but you wouldn’t know it from their rousing live shows. This exhilarating self-pity — and their efforts to acknowledge and sometimes step away from it on their new album, "Let Me Into Your Heart" — is the key to what makes the group's music work so well.

Albino squirrel causes stir in Jonesboro

"It was one of the most beautiful things you have ever seen in your life," said the man who spotted the squirrel.

College Board and others push back on Arkansas's last-minute ditching of AP African American Studies

The first bell of the school year had already rung when the Arkansas Department of Education released its official statement, dashing any hopes that a class focused on African American history and experiences could go on without becoming a culture war and political battleground. 

KPOT Korean BBQ & Hotpot to open locations in North Little Rock and Jonesboro

Two Arkansas locations have been announced for KPOT Korean BBQ & Hotpot, a franchise that blends "traditional Asian hot pot with Korean BBQ flavors," its website says.

Student at Little Rock elementary school ate marijuana gummy Friday, sent to hospital

The event follows similar incidents in Jonesboro and Russellville.

Jonesboro first-graders ingest marijuana gummies, taken to local hospitals, police report says

Six first-graders in Jonesboro ingested marijuana gummies produced in California and were taken to local hospitals, according to a report from the Jonesboro Police Department.

Walking Back from the Edge of Extinction: Guy Lancaster revisits an old haunt on the edge of the ASU campus

It was a coffee shop before those became ubiquitous in this state, serving locally roasted coffee before that was standard, and dishing up pesto-based wraps in a town largely unfamiliar with pureed basil. It was a treasure, and it belonged to Jonesboro.

Tiny Towns at Vino's Saturday night

Tiny Towns, Any Given Room and Lilac Kings at Vino's this weekend.