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Hutchinson fills judicial vacancies in round of gubernatorial appointments

Five judgeships and the appointment of his chief of staff to the AETN Commission were included in a final batch of gubernatorial appointments.
IT Arkansas job board

Hutchinson announces three judicial appointments

Gov. Asa Hutchinson announced three appointments today to judicial vacancies. All will serve until the seats can be filled by elections in 2020. Appointees are not eligible to run.

Tom Cotton emerges as obstacle to Trump judicial appointee

When a Trump judicial appointee isn't extremist enough for Sen. Tom Cotton, but plenty radical enough for Mitch McConnell.

Judicial politics: Debate on adding, subtracting judgeships

A debate is brewing on allocation of state court judgeships, with some growing areas in need of new judges and an idea circulating to meet those needs without creating new judgeships, at the expense of other judicial districts.

Trump withdraws judge nomination of Alabaman Brett Talley

An update to criticism of President Trump's terrible judicial appointments: Even Trump's team realized what a poor choice Alabama lawyer Brett Talley was for the federal bench in Alabama. His nomination has been withdrawn, NPR has reported:

Governor fills three open judgeships

Gov. Asa Hutchinson today announced appointments to three judgeships in the state. All will serve for two years until election of a successor.

Judicial races begin

Judicial candidates may not formally begin campaigns until one year before an election. That's today for 2014 judicial elections, held the same day as party primaries with runoffs, if necessary, in November.

This is smaller government?

Republican Sen. Michael Lamoureux has introduced a bill to create a new judgeship in his part of the state.