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Republican lawmaker's effort to pin down governor on state purchasing law dies in committee

Julie Mayberry takes a jab at Sarah Huckabee Sanders with an attempt to clarify that the rules apply to the governor, too.
IT Arkansas job board

Lawmakers question governor’s staff over lectern audit

Legislators asked some good questions about lecterngate Tuesday. They did not get many good answers.

Arkansas lawmaker considers legislation to restore remote learning flexibility

Arkansas’s first major snow since the passage of the LEARNS Act has brought renewed attention to its practical elimination of alternative methods of instruction (AMI) days.

Sanders retreats on FOIA rollback, endorses more limited 'security' exemption

The retreat and redirect comes after a rancorous five-hour committee hearing that saw Republican legislators squabbling with both progressive and conservative activists over the FOIA rollback.

Republican lawmakers file competing FOIA-exemption bill focused only on security

Julie Mayberry's House Bill 1011 would only exempt security-related records from the FOIA. Might it give Republicans an alternative if the governor's bill continues to flounder?

With a mysterious flip-flop, lawmakers sacrifice state retirement accounts to protect fossil fuel and gun industries

Arkansas lawmakers are willing to forfeit millions from state employee retirement accounts if that's the cost of owning the libs.

Legislative committee discusses increased remote work for state employees

Should Arkansas encourage more remote work by state employees? Legislators have questions.

Two attempts to allow school districts to require masks go down in flames, and time is running out

It looks unlikely that Arkansas lawmakers will be able to amend a ban on mask mandates. School starts for most Arkansas students within a week or two. Disaster looms.

A squishy bill to reinstate mask requirements in some Arkansas schools sometimes, maybe, doesn't get far

A bill to allow local school boards to require masks in the classroom under extremely narrow circumstances doesn't make much progress on the first day of Arkansas's special legislative session.

Attorney general illustrates another meaningless law, on school nurses

More empty gestures from the Arkansas government — a requirement for a minimum number of school nurses.

Creekmore, Creekmore, Mayberry, Mayberry

In District 27, politics makes strange bedfellows.

Saline judge denies Mayberrys' challenge to liquor store permit

Saline Circuit Judge Grisham Phillips has turned down a lawsuit aimed at blocking a liquor store permit in on Arch Street Pike in the Saline County community of East End.