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Get lovey-dovey at KABF's Valentine's benefit concert next Saturday

Little Rock community radio station KABF-FM 88.3 is hosting a Valentine's Day-themed benefit concert at the Rev Room on Saturday, Feb. 11. With 11 acts set to play, the show might more precisely be called a one-day festival.
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Clarice K. Abdul-Bey and Ameria Jones turned Edith Ware McClinton's memoir 'Scars from a Lynching' into a radio play

Clarice K. Abdul-Bey and Ameria Jones have turned an Arkansas family's story into radio theater in an adaptation of Edith Ware McClinton's account of the lynching of William Jack Ware and his twin brother Jim Ware in a small town in Calhoun County in the 1890s. The hour-long take is titled "Scars Brought Into Focus: The Silver Screen of the Mind * Images * Memories (A True Horror Story Based in Arkansas.)"

The Pound of Underground Sound: Rural War Room has been keeping the airwaves weird since 2005

Rural War Room plays nothing from a digital database. For their weekly radio show, they bring in hard copies of the music, mostly weird stuff on vinyl, and keep record players at the ready in large suitcases.

'A Celebration of John Cain' at Ron Robinson Theater Saturday

The 85-year-old Wrightsville native is a decorated preservationist and community activist who has long championed efforts to memorialize Little Rock’s historic Ninth Street corridor, once a thriving Black business and entertainment district. Cain continues to educate the masses, with the help of 100,000 watts, on the subtleties of jazz as a KABF DJ. He’ll be celebrated with rare audio and video clips and a panel discussion of friends and family.

KABF documentary is up (but not for long)

Filmed in 2017, the film follows the small but mighty community radio station, longtime station manager and volunteers as they navigate "Trump’s inevitable inauguration, the first Women’s March, local tensions over MLK events, a hostile state takeover of public elementary schools, and, caught up in it all, the 80th birthday of its station manager, a beloved icon of regional radio and Black history."

Ten Arkansas Times playlists for when you're not singing Auld Lang Syne

Change of plans for New Year's Eve: We're all staying in, sipping a beverage of our own inclination and blasting playlists from the Arkansas Times archives.

Good Noise for a Bad Year: A 2021 Arkansas music roundup

Thirty-two releases from Arkansas-connected musicians that caught our ears thus far this year.

To-Do List: Hunter Foster's 'Layman,' 'Wonder Woman 1984' at the riverfront, a radio play on KABF-FM 88.3 and more

Coming up in July.

Quarantine, "Backroads"-style: A Q&A with Amy Garland

We caught up with Amy Garland Angel in between her gigs as DJ, musician, entrepreneur and mother, and then called her for a follow-up when the pandemic hit. 

Shoog Radio's got your weekly livestream calendar

Shoog Radio's amplifying local musicians through the airwaves every Tuesday afternoon on KABF, and now they're listing local bands' livestreams.

Shoog Radio's got your local livestream calendar

Check out Shoog Radio's weekly Gig Guide — this week, a compilation of local artists with livestreams scheduled this week, or artists who lost gigs this week due to cancelations.

Saturday To-Do: KABF Pledge Drive Launch Party

Revolution hosts a pledge drive launch party for KABF-FM 88.3 Saturday night.