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Judicial races offered some of the only surprises on Arkansas's election night

Some of the outcomes in Tuesday's judicial races were unexpected.
IT Arkansas job board

Conway School Board protester gets community service instead of jail on appeal

A Conway School Board protester who got an unusually tough sentence for minor, nonviolent offenses has received a much lighter deal on appeal.

Up and down the ballot, judicial races could create openings for the governor to fill

Several of the races we've looked at could create an opening for Gov. Sanders to appoint someone to fill vacant seats in 2025.

Max Brantley and the Blue Hog weigh in on judicial races

Supreme Court Justice Karen Baker and Circuit Judge Carlton D. Jones were the picks for the high court.

March 5 election may hand Gov. Sanders new state Supreme Court appointments

Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders could end up appointing two new Arkansas Supreme Court Justices this year, depending on the outcome of two races.

Ark. Supreme Court rebukes circuit judge, removes him from case against Morton-owned nursing home

After nine years and five separate appeals, the underlying case has yet to reach trial, and yesterday's Supreme Court ruling seems likely to extend the delay. One hopes the decision was about the best interests of justice and not merely the result of some judicial gavel-measuring contest.

State Supreme Court dismisses lawsuit over legislature's 'emergency clause' votes

Plaintiffs attorney Ali Noland blasted the decision, saying the various concurring opinions used "various legal gymnastics to get to [the] desired outcome."

Supreme Court Justice Courtney Hudson joins race to fill Robin Wynne's seat

Mandatory judicial retirement and long-term decision-making influenced Hudson's decision to run for Wynne's seat this year.

State Supreme Court Justice Barbara Webb announces she's running for chief

Webb's entry makes the chief justice race a three-woman contest with justices Rhonda Wood and Karen Baker.

Arkansas LEARNS back in effect, for now, as state Supreme Court throws out restraining order

The justices declined to rule on the larger merits of the case and sent it back to Pulaski County Circuit Court for a scheduled June 20 hearing.

Asa Hutchinson III gets law license back as Justice Hudson issues strong rebuke

"Enough is enough," state Supreme Court Justice Courtney Hudson wrote of Asa Hutchinson III's numerous run-ins with the law.

Justice Rhonda Wood announces race for chief justice

Supreme Court Justice Rhonda Wood announced her candidacy for the chief justice seat being vacated by Dan Kemp. Wood was cleared by Arkansas Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission after facing an ethics complaint related to the bribery scandal involving former Circuit Judge Michael Maggio and former state Senator Gilbert Baker.