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Disabled Arkansans obtain settlement and program improvements in lawsuit against DHS officials

The state paid $460,000 to resolve a federal lawsuit filed by three disabled plaintiffs who receive at-home Medicaid services under the ARChoices waiver program.
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Unemployed Arkansans still have a shot at getting their hands on withheld federal benefits

All hope is not lost for unemployed Arkansans who need the federal unemployment benefits both the governor and the legislature are trying to deny them.

New suit filed over deficiencies in state home care

A new federal lawsuit was filed yesterday over the state's reduction in Medicaid-provided home care services.
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The rap Medicaid explainer you've been longing for

Here's Kevin De Liban, a lawyer with Legal Aid of Arkansas, making the case for Medicaid and why Arkansas's work reporting rule is unfair — in rhyme.

Tossed off Medicaid? Reapply

A judge's invalidation of Arkansas's work rule for Medicaid coverage means just that — no reporting is required to receive benefits, but those who lost coverage must reapply. Removal of recipients for failed reporting this year will cease.

Arkansas's Medicaid work rule on the grill in Congress today

The Arkansas Medicaid work rule — an unvarnished success in pushing thousands off Medicaid coverage — will be the subject of a court hearing Thursday in Washington, but the Trump administration got roughed up on its plans to expand the experiment in a congressional hearing today.

Over 18,000 lost coverage in 2018 due to Medicaid work rule, but only fraction have reapplied

"The consistent message [Arkansas Works beneficiaries] have heard loud and clear is that the state doesn’t want them to have health insurance coverage," he said.

DHS set to impose Medicaid spending caps for at-home services under ARChoices

"Under the best case scenario ... you can get 6.5 hours a day in care, or 46 a week," De Liban said. "That's still not enough for a lot of the most limited folks. ... These budget caps are going to be destructive to a lot of people."

Locked out of Medicaid

Arkansas's work requirement strips insurance from thousands of working people