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Sarah Huckabee Sanders responds to audit report with sick animation and even sicker beats

The governor, cornered by a nasty audit report that details what sure smells like low-bore corruption and an incompetent coverup, pulled out her trump card Monday afternoon, reimagining herself as a hip-hop heroine.
IT Arkansas job board

UPDATE: State auditors refer lecterngate findings to prosecutor’s office

The report details multiple apparent violations of state law related to the governor's spending.

Lecterngate audit report to be released today

The report will almost certainly be released to the public once Legislative Joint Audit has reviewed the report at tomorrow's meeting.

AG opinion that rules don't apply to Gov. Sanders in #lecterngate is largely irrelevant

Sanders and Griffin are teeing up a Trump-style argument to muddy the waters.

Audit of governor's mysterious $19,000 lectern expected to be released within 10 days

The AP breaks the news that the long-awaited audit of Gov. Sarah Sanders' $19,000 lectern is slated to be released to the public within the next 10 days.

'Lecterngate' audit is ready, but the public release date is still unknown

Auditor Roger Norman said the governor requested an extra week to submit her response to the findings, further delaying the audit report's release to the public.

Sanders won't spill who paid for her Super Bowl trip, TPM reports

After Sanders shared social media posts about her family's high-dollar Super Bowl trip, TPM set out to calculate how much it cost and who foot the bill. As if!

Audit of gov's $19K lectern purchase nearing end, report due in late March

"To date, our staff has formally interviewed 20 individuals" involved in the purchase of the lectern or the reimbursement that followed, head auditor Roger Norman said.

Jimmy Kimmel takes on Sanders' pricey and shapely lectern

Late-night comedian Jimmy Kimmel cracks jokes about Sanders' expensive lectern and declares it "sexy."

Does it matter if the Arkansas governor's office meddled in podiumgate FOIA responses?

Despite Sanders and company's insistence that the furor around the $19,029.25 expenditure of public money arose from a mere accounting error, podiumgate includes serious accusations that the state's government transparency law was flouted.

‘Podiumgate,’ ‘Lecterngate’: No matter what you call it, it’s a questionable mess

It’s easier to dismiss inconvenient facts that come from an opposing political philosophy than deal with the facts themselves.