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Laws on book challenges, ‘indoctrination’ create culture of fear in Arkansas school libraries

Some school librarians have become “very strict about how books are chosen,” trying to preemptively avoid accusations or legal trouble, one librarian said
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Public libraries vs. quorum courts: an ongoing local conflict throughout Arkansas

Add Marion County to the list of Arkansas counties where elected officials are threatening the local library board and staff.

Jonesboro library system avoids closing branches but must make other cuts

The Craighead County Jonesboro Public Library system will reduce its main library's hours to avoid closing any branches after its funding was slashed in a vote last year. Other cuts, such as storytimes at daycares and nursing homes, are also planned.

Jonesboro-based library to lose 13 employees after funding slashed

The Jonesboro-based library system has notified 13 employees of layoffs due to funding cuts. Some branches may have to close, and books and other media offerings will be reduced.

Governor names Jason Rapert to state library board

Governor Sanders knows how to create controversy. Today, she nominated former state Sen. Jason Rapert to the Arkansas State LIbrary Board.

UPDATE: Saline County judge fires librarian after months of controversy over censorship

The Saline County judge fired the county's library director today after months of book censorship controversy.

UPDATE: Federal judge blocks Arkansas’s library censorship law from taking effect

A federal judge in Fayetteville stopped Arkansas’s new book censorship law in its tracks Saturday. Dan Sullivan, sponsor of the legislation, vowed the state would appeal.

Arkansas libraries revise policies in anticipation of law on 'obscene' content taking effect

Librarians across Arkansas are preparing in different ways for a new state law set to take effect next week that changes how libraries handle controversial material.

Waivers required for kids to use the Eureka Springs library as new censorship law goes into effect, Washington Post reports

Librarians and bookstore owners in Arkansas face real conundrums over how to comply with a new state law that makes them criminally liable if young people get their hands on harmful materials, but doesn't strictly define what those materials are or how to keep them away from young eyes.

Arkansas chapter of Dolly Parton's Imagination Library gets $24K boost

Dolly Parton's working her literacy magic in Arkansas, with a $24K grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Arkansas: A preference for guns over knowledge?

Arkansas ranks No. 2 in the country in a ratio devised by the Washington Post comparing the number of gun dealers with the number of libraries and museums.