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UPDATE: Blue Hog gets a win in Freedom of Information action against city of Little Rock

City admits FOI violations. But that doesn't solve a problem created by Frank Scott's administration, intentional lack of accountability.
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Mayor urges patience as COVID surges

Public buildings are closed and employees may be stretched to provide services.

City of Little Rock going 'virtual' as COVID spreads

No in-person meetings until further notice

City gets $1 million federal grant to help Stephens School neighborhood

Social workers are part of the added benefits for Stephens school neighborhood.
Mayor Frank Scott Jr.

Little Rock's dysfunctional government: The mayor-board struggle

City government needs fixing. But it won't be easy.

The Freedom of Information Act is under attack and Little Rock is one example of why it's a bad idea

Secret meetings on economic development deals? Bad idea.

Mayor Scott's state of the city address March 25 will include a 10-year, $500 million plan to spend a one-cent sales tax increase

The one-cent increase will replace an expiring 3/8th of a cent tax and add 5/8ths of a cent more.

Watch Little Rock government in action

Watch Little Rock government at work today and tomorrow.
Mayor Frank Scott Jr.

At City Hall, money comes first

Campaign promises are one thing, money is another. That's the takeaway from Rebekah Hall's account of last night's meeting of the Little Rock Board of Directors.

Little Rock leaders retreat to Memphis this week

Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott Jr. confirms that city leadership will retreat to Memphis Thursday and Friday for a 2020 "strategy session."
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Little Rock director urges new chief to de-emphasize marijuana enforcement

Little Rock City Director Ken Richardson has renewed with the new police chief his effort to de-emphasize arrests for personal use of marijuana.
Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott Jr. delivers his state of the city speech, Thursday, March 28, 2019.

Reality bites at Little Rock City Hall; spending must be cut

A followup to Rebekah Hall's earlier report on Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott Jr.'s announcement that cuts will be necessary in the city budget in part to pay for "priorities," such as his desire to expand the police force, but also to deal with the reality often mentioned here of stagnant to decling city sales tax revenue. Some quick ideas on that.