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Book-banning furor rages on, from federal court to Dan Sullivan's Facebook page

With a federal suit pending over Arkansas's new censorship law and ongoing tension over what library books young people should be able to read, arguments are unfolding in court filings and spilling out on social media.
IT Arkansas job board

People need kidneys, and it's complicated. We can make it less so

Kidney donors should not be punished for doing the right thing.

Governor could appoint airport commissioners under newly filed legislation

A new bill filed in the Arkansas legislature this week would beef up the requirements for flight-experienced members on airport commissions and allow the governor to make appointments under certain circumstances. The empty seat at the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport Commission would classify for an appointment from Gov. Sarah Sanders if the bill becomes law.

Senate upholds punishment of Alan Clark for ethics violation; further limits Democrats' voices

Senate sticks with Alan Clark's punishment and further marginalizes Democrats.

Senate Ethics Committee going through the motions on seemingly flimsy complaint

Committee members are in executive session, but a vote is expected to happen publicly this afternoon.

Tom Mars urges prosecutor to review Senate ethics issues

Tom Mars urges the prosecutor to review Senate ethics matters and makes a good point: A broad review is in order of legislative expense practices.

Sen. Mark Johnson urges release of money to agencies that pay his wife

Sen. Mark Johnson goes to bat for releasing state grants payable to agencies that employ his wife.

Senator calls for prosecutor to review Senate ethics violators

Senator joins others urging criminal review of senators in expense account scam.

Tom Mars making noise again, this time about legislative ethics

Lawyer Tom Mars targets another government issue -- ethics, or lack of, in the Arkansas Senate.

UPDATE: National Guard Foundation to end payments to Sen. Mark Johnson's wife for consulting role

Senator's wife loses a client as it hopes for a $5 million state infusion.

Public records detail payments to senator's wife from agencies seeking state grants

Senator's wife is paid well to help nonprofits get grants, such as $6 million worth delayed this week

UPDATE: Senate ratifies ethics punishment for Sens. Alan Clark and Mark Johnson

One down -- guilty. One to go.