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The Rutledge Report, Part 1: Where there's a dole there's a Doyle. And a friend on a high court.

More attention to Attorney General Leslie Rutledge's profligate spending of public money on partisan featherbedding.
IT Arkansas job board

UPDATE: The Kobach/Mark Martin legacy: A flawed voter fraud detection system

Pro Publica reports news from Kansas relevant to Arkansas: Kansas has agreed to stop using CrossCheck, a supposed voter fraud detection system, because of concerns raised about security risks.

I can't make it, but ....

Lt. Gov. Tim Griffin is throwing a party next Tuesday. Y'all come.

Mark Martin off to Taiwan

Secretary of State Mark Martin is set for  another international junket, this one to Taiwan, flying business class courtesy of the Taiwanese government.

Secretary of State Mark Martin in middle of voter data controversy

Secretary of State Mark Martin is in the middle of new criticism about big flaws, including poor security, in a national system devised to look for voter fraud.

Sham hotline

Secretary of State Mark Martin has set up a hotline for Arkansans to call with feedback about the individual voter data he so eagerly turned over on two separate occasions to the newly created Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity.

Arkansas voter information for sale on 'dark web'

Any worry about Kris Kobach's misuse of Arkansas voter information sent to his "election integrity" commission yesterday by Secretary of State Mark Martin is to some degree irrelevant. The data is already for sale cheap, on the "dark web," Mother Jones reports.

Trump voter panel renews request for information; Arkansas turns it over

The hotly controversial request for voter information from an ad hoc panel working for Donald Trump has been renewed. No word yet if Arkansas will again be among the first to comply.

Judge clears effort to gather vote information

A federal judge has said the Trump commission aimed at providing evidence he really didn't lose the popular vote may proceed with asking states to supply vast amounts of information on voters because it is not technically a federal agency subject to privacy laws.

Trump's election integrity commission to meet

The New York Times today previews a meeting of Donald Trump's Election Integrity Commission, the outfit led by vote suppressor Kris Kobach of Kansas that faces multiple lawsuits for its unprecedented grab for personal voter information.

More evidence of Mark Martin's poor judgment on voter data UPDATE

NBC reports still more flaws in the Trump-instigated voter data gathering effort that only Arkansas Secretary of State Mark Martin complied with before ongoing federal lawsuits put a halt to things.

Common Cause sues Trump voter commission

Add Common Cause to those suing over Donald Trump's voter data commission led by Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach.