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Robert Loyd, a leader in the fight for equality, dies in Conway

As readers noted yesterday, Facebook has news — and an outpouring of sadness — of the death Wednesday of Robert Loyd, a pivotal figure in Central Arkansas in the struggle for equal rights for LGBT people.
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Marriage equality advances to 36 states

The U.S. Supreme Court refused Friday to extend a stay of a court ruling invalidating the ban on same-sex marriage in Florida, which means marriages will begin in that state Jan. 6. This leaves Arkansas in a decided minority of states where same-sex marriage is not legal.

Fee request filed in federal marriage case

One of the attorneys in the federal lawsuit striking down the state ban on same-sex marriage has filed a request for $16,411 in fees and costs for her work on the case.

UPDATE: No Supreme Court decision today on same-sex marriage

Today could be the day for a ruling by the Arkansas Supreme Court on the state appeal of Judge Chris Piazza's ruling striking down the Arkansas ban on same-sex marriage. Or not. And, if not, it presents some new questions about final completion of the case.

Marriage plaintiffs petition McDaniel to drop appeal

As announced yesterday, plaintiffs in the state case challenging the state's ban on same-sex marriage presented a petition to Attorney General Dustin McDaniel today urging him to drop an appeal of a federal district judge's decision striking down the ban. It brings up hot speculation about the course of the appeal in the facing of changing judicial players.

Arkansas Supreme Court won't rule today on same-sex marriage ban

The Arkansas Supreme Court didn't rule today in the challenge to the state ban on same-sex marriage. It heard oral arguments Nov. 20 and could rule at any time, but the case wasn't among decisions released today.

'50 Phenomenal Women' include historic Arkansans

The first same-sex couple to be married in Arkansas are featured in a Glamour magazine article about "phenomenal women who are making a difference."

Arguments today in lawsuits challenging Arkansas ban on same-sex marriage

Two hearings are scheduled in state and federal court today on separate lawsuits challenging the state's constitutional ban on same-sex marriage and the state's lack of recognition for those married legally in other states.

Federal judge strikes down Missouri same-sex marriage ban

A federal judge in Missouri has struck down that state's ban on same-sex marriage. It is the first such federal court ruling in a state in the 8th U.S. judicial circuit, a circuit that includes Arkansas.

Arkansas Supreme Court expedites same-sex marriage case

The Arkansas Supreme Court today granted plaintiffs' request to expedite its hearing of the appeal of Circuit Judge Chris Piazza's ruling that struck down the Arkansas ban on same-sex marriage.

Beebe appoints retired Harrison judge as special justice in same-sex marriage case

Gov. Beebe has appointed Robert W. McCorkindale, a long time circuit judge in Boone County, as special justice in Nathaniel Smith, M.D. et al v. M. Kendall Wright et al., the appeal of Circuit Judge Chris Piazza's ruling that the state's ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional.

Federal judge in Louisiana breaks string of victories for marriage equality

A federal judge in New Orleans, Reagan appointee Martin Feldman, has upheld Louisiana's ban on same-sex marriage, the first in a line of more than 20 federal decisions that did not find such bans unconstitutional. The decision will be appealed.