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UPDATE: State auditors refer lecterngate findings to prosecutor’s office

The report details multiple apparent violations of state law related to the governor's spending.
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From the Vault: Max Brantley on his first assignment

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Arkansas Times, the editor emeritus weighs in on his first assignment and his favorite stories.

Best and Worst 2023

Here's the thing about 2023: You have to grade it on a curve. Things weren’t great; they could have been a whole lot worse.

Auditor: Investigation into Arkansas governor’s lectern purchase unlikely to end this year

Auditors likely won't be done with their investigation into podiumgate until 2024.

Republican state lawmakers greenlight podiumgate audits into governor's spending

State auditors will dive into Gov. Sarah Sanders' unorthodox purchase of a $19,029.25 lectern from a longtime political associate.

State employee’s email says governor’s assistant was told to modify invoice

Somebody in the governor's office apparently instructed state employees to misleadingly alter a three-month-old invoice, with specific instructions to not date the change. Who?
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Blue Hog Matt Campbell is joining Arkansas Times staff, so look out

Campbell's move to the Arkansas Times will give his important reporting an even larger platform. We're proud to have him on our team!

Memo shows governor’s office demands close oversight of agency FOIA responses

The newly surfaced memo sheds fresh light on the extent to which the governor and her staff have insisted on controlling communications with the press and the public since Sanders first took office. 

Does it matter if the Arkansas governor's office meddled in podiumgate FOIA responses?

Despite Sanders and company's insistence that the furor around the $19,029.25 expenditure of public money arose from a mere accounting error, podiumgate includes serious accusations that the state's government transparency law was flouted.

Screenshots show governor's office vetted release of podium records, whistleblower says

“We have e-files of documents showing the deletion of and improper redaction of documents by the [governor’s office]," Attorney Tom Mars told the Arkansas Times.

Whistleblower says governor’s office illegally altered, withheld records related to podium purchase

Attorney Tom Mars said his client can prove that someone in Sanders' office altered and withheld documents that were requested through the Arkansas FOIA.

‘Podiumgate,’ ‘Lecterngate’: No matter what you call it, it’s a questionable mess

It’s easier to dismiss inconvenient facts that come from an opposing political philosophy than deal with the facts themselves.