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Why did Judge Bobby Shepherd recuse from transgender medical care case? Now, we know.

We now know why federal appeals Judge Bobby Shepherd recused from the transgender medical-care case involving minors. It turns out his son is the Arkansas House speaker.
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From the Vault: Max Brantley on his first assignment

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Arkansas Times, the editor emeritus weighs in on his first assignment and his favorite stories.

Who did the Arkansas Times endorse for circuit judge? Actually, we didn't.

A mailer that went out this week from the Cortinez campaign says he's been endorsed by the Arkansas Times. That's not accurate. The Arkansas Times hasn't made any official endorsements in the upcoming judicial elections.

Best and Worst 2023

Here's the thing about 2023: You have to grade it on a curve. Things weren’t great; they could have been a whole lot worse.

Governor holds clandestine meeting with parks commissioners

A meeting that should have been public but wasn't is the latest in a series of mysterious happenings in the world of state parks and tourism.

Maggio wants the bribery case in which he pleaded guilty dismissed

Former Judge Michael Maggio, who pleaded guilty to bribery in a scandal that engulfed a wealthy nursing-home owner and the former chairman of the Arkansas Republican Party, has asked a federal judge to dismiss the entire case against him.

That's all folks

Blogger retires after 50 years of news reporting in Little Rock.

Week in review: summer bummer edition

A Capitol View Karen goes down, while cases of COVID-19 go up. Max and Austin talk voter suppression, critical race theory and the best foods to get you caftan-ready.

Week in review: the lawsuit lineup edition

The federal courthouse in Little Rock is hopping with challenges to Arkansas’s worst new laws. Plus: the West Little Rock chopper and new old blood at the Pulaski County Election Commission.

Democracy and darkness at the Pulaski County Election Commission

The Republican chair of the County Election Commission, in addition to press for more Republicans at polls, has stripped the office of a subscription to the Arkansas Times.

Investigation of state senator began after onetime political rival helped senator's lover contact FBI

Former Republican legislator Dan Greenberg confirmed to the Times on Wednesday he at one time "had an attorney-client relationship" with Julie McGee, the ex-girlfriend of former state Sen. Jeremy Hutchinson.

Jason Rapert wishes Max a Bon Voyage

Imagine a gnat, gently swimming.