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A Q&A with fishing phenom Tony Phan

Pho fiends know 28-year-old Tony Phan as the soft-spoken manager at Mike’s Cafe in Little Rock, but when the California native isn’t running things at the Vietnamese restaurant, Phan is the social media superstar behind @tonystayfishin.
IT Arkansas job board

Former Mayflower clerk gets probation for embezzlement of court receipts

A public official's theft of court money won't produce jail time. But there are complications in the case.

Coronavirus panic in Mayflower. False alarm.

Arkansas court evacuates on unconfirmed report of coronavirus case.

8th Circuit denies Exxon appeal of class action finding in Mayflower pipeline case

The 8th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals today issued a brief order denying the Exxon Mobil Pipeline Company's appeal of the approval of a class action in the lawsuit by property owners along the Pegasus pipeline, which ruptured in Mayflower.

Ask the Times: How's the tornado cleanup in Faulkner County coming?

Almost three months after a quarter-mile-wide tornado tore across Faulkner County, much work remains to be done to repair the damage.

Mayflower, Vilonia High to play benefit baseball game at Dickey-Stephens

The Arkansas Travelers announced today that Dickey-Stephens Park in Little Rock will host a benefit baseball game on Tuesday, May 6 between the varsity baseball teams of Vilonia High and Mayflower High.

Surveying the damage in Mayflower and Vilonia

On the path of the tornado.

On the path of the tornado

On the path of the tornado: Inevitably, somebody gets around to saying that it looks like a bomb went off. But it doesn't look like a bomb. A bomb is fire. A bomb is deliberation — a human hand and mind deciding where to plant it or drop it, when to set the timer or light the fuse. This isn't that. This is the worst kind of random. The tornado crossed I-40 just south of Mayflower, wiping cars off the road and sucking wooden posts used to string a guide wire near the freeway out of the ground like rotten teeth. A red Volvo rig lay on its side on the southbound side of the Interstate, an even larger wrecker working to right it. A car, unrecognizable as a car, sat in the median...

Tornado victims: the saved and the unsaved

David Koon is tracking the path of tornado damage and coming across the usual quirks of fate in a tornado in which some people and places are devastated and others are spared.

Strong tornado — State Police reporting heavy damage in Mayflower, Vilonia

A strong tornado has raked the state tonight, cutting a swath of destruction from Maumelle to Vilonia and beyond. State Police radio chatter points to heavy damage in Mayflower from a tornado that spotters say was a half mile wide when it crossed I-40.

Exxon points to rare chemical mix as Pegasus flaw

By putting the focus on atypical pipe properties and away from a well-known manufacturing defect of the type of pipe used in the northern section that includes Arkansas, it would seem that Exxon is casting the rupture as caused by a rare flaw.

Federal agency finds probable violations by ExxonMobil in Mayflower pipeline break, sets $2.6 million penalties

The federal Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration in a letter today notified the ExxonMobil Pipeline Company that it had found