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Foes of quarry development to meet today

Opponents to a proposal by North Little Rock to sell the approximately 40 acres that make up Big Rock Quarry below Emerald Park and along the River Trail will meet at 5:30 p.m. today at The Joint, 301 Main St., in Argenta.
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NLR endorses amendment against Citizens United ruling

Robert Nunn sent me a note that says the North Little Rock City Council last night, led by Mayor Pat Hays, endorsed the resolution calling for a constitutional amendment to override the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Citizens United that gave personhood to corporations.

North Little Rock to vote on Citizens United repeal idea

Robert Nunn, activist extraordinaire, tells me the Move to Amend organization has persuaded North Little Rock Mayor Pat Hays to ask the City Council to vote on a resolution supporting a constitutional amendment to make clear the personhood is something available only to humans, not corporations.

Alas Commodore Hays, we hardly knew ye

It was certainly nice to see outgoing North Little Rock Mayor Pat Hays join my call yesterday for a new Arkansas River bridge crossing in the Chester Street vicinity as opposed to a Broadway Bridge tear-down and two-year traffic nightmare.

Goose coalition breaks with NLR over new ordinance UPDATE

The Coalition to Save the Geese of Burns Park has split the sheets with the city of North Little Rock over Mayor Pat Hays' proposed ordinance to give the mayor power to allow hunting of nuisance animals on three days' notice, without City Council review.

North Little Rock won't shoot geese in Burns Park

The Coalition to Save the Geese of Burns Park has announced that the city of North Little Rock has agreed to a non-lethal method of controlling the Canada geese problem in the city's Burns Park.

Goose hunt delay: Baiting concern? UPDATE

This is thoroughly unsubstantiated. But ......

BREAKING: A reprieve issued for Burns Park geese

I didn't see the full discussion, but I caught the tail end of the North Little Rock City Council meeting tonight at which the Council agreed with Mayor Pat Hays to postpone next week's planned controlled goose hunt in Burns Park to reduce the flock of near-domesticated waterfowl.

Honk if you want to save the Burns Park geese

Of course. The Burns Park Canada goose flock, scheduled for a mass slaughter Dec. 20-22 in a "hunt" approved by the North Little Rock City Council, now have a Facebook page.

Don't cry for North Little Rock just yet

An article in the morning paper quotes North Little Rock Mayor Pat Hays about cuts that will be necessary as a result of voters' failure to approve a couple of sales tax increases.

Fayetteville schools sue over TIF tax grab

The Fayetteville School District has sued Washington County officials to stop them from raking a portion of a new school millage into the black hole of dowtown Fayetteville's failed tax increment finance district.

North Little Rock to talk taxes

A public meeting has been scheduled at 5:30 p.m. Thursday at the police training building, 2400 Willow Street, North Little Rock, to talk about the city sales tax proposal on the Nov. 8 ballot.