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Deplorable: How Trump messaging duped the media

Ta-Nehesi Coates writes persuasively in The Atlantic about how the media got deplorably spun on Hillary Clinton's indisputable assessment of deplorable viewpoints among supporters of Donald Trump.
IT Arkansas job board

KATV adds drone; ready for 'ideal' news story — flood or tornado

KATV announced yesterday that it is adding a drone to its news-gathering equipment. A news release expressing excitement about potential disaster coverage brought back memories of another TV station's experience.

The Democrat-Gazette still fond of white supremacists, in spite of themselves

The descent into self-parody in the Democrat-Gazette’s endorsement last weekend of Tom Cotton was as inevitable as the endorsement itself. Arkansans should vote for Cotton or vote for Sen. Mark Pryor as they see fit. But all of us should be embarrassed of our daily paper’s Confederate nostalgia gussied up as True Grit.

LRPD's new police dispatch site up and running

The LRPD kicked off their new online police dispatch log today, a website that allows citizens and the media to see the time, location and basic nature of all LRPD dispatches in the city on a 30 minute delay, with dispatches disappearing from the site 8 hours after they're made.

Adventures in headline writing at the Democrat-Gazette

"Islamic State underrated, Obama says." The D-G's headline writers meant that U.S. intelligence underestimated the threat posed by ISIS. But surely some Arkansas Tea Partier somewhere spit out their coffee this morning — their long-held theory of the terrorist-palling, secret-Muslim President Obama finally confirmed! The Islamic State ain't so bad, he says. It's underrated!

Times contributor Eifling to head up journalism startup Ratter

A new digital publication, Ratter, will launch in the coming months with ambitions to break original stories rich with unbelievable truth. Fayetteville native and Arkansas Times contributor Sam Eifling will serve as editorial director.

Repressive governments crack down on bloggers

Russia goes after bloggers. You say it couldn't happen here? Let's hope not. But our politicians have repressive tendencies, too.

Fox News corrects misleading graphic

Fox News admits its graphic on Obamacare enrollment was hooey. But what misleading graphic will the network use now that enrollment has hit the 7 million mark?

Fox's Megyn Kelly wants to make sure kids know that Santa is white. And Jesus too!

[embed-1]Megyn Kelly, saving the children... 

How the Washington Post blew the story of the March on Washington

Before we all get too misty-eyed about the demise of the legacy media, remember that sometimes the glory days weren't so glorious.

UPDATE Oxford American's Warwick Sabin to lead Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub

Leading the Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub, "synthesizes all of my interests and passions," Warwick Sabin said today by phone. After five and a half years as publisher of the Oxford American, he said the timing was right for him to leave and that he was confident he was leaving the magazine on good footing.

Republicans threaten boycott to squelch network shows on Hillary Clinton

I've written before about Republican animosity toward free speech that is not their own. Now today: