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Arkansas ranks worst in the nation for maternal mortality. What's the plan?

Unlike states such as Texas or Tennessee, Arkansas expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act a decade ago, allowing hundreds of thousands of low-income people to get insured. That gives many new moms an affordable option for coverage — but it's not the whole story.
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Arkansas's 2018 Medicaid work requirement debacle holds lessons for Georgia as it rolls out similar policy

Arkansas told federal Medicaid authorities its new proposal is nothing like the "burdensome" 2018 work requirement. "DHS heavily considered the lessons learned," the agency said.

The return of work requirements: a bad idea that won't work

Instead of helping people get to work and get better paying jobs, work requirements expand bureaucracy, create systems of pointless paperwork for agency staff and program participants to navigate, and ultimately hurt the most vulnerable by unjustly kicking them off the very programs that would help get them back on their feet.

Biden administration says premiums for Arkansas Medicaid expansion must end in one year

The Biden administration is telling states like Arkansas 'no' on experimenting with Medicaid expansion policies that could cause people to lose coverage -- first work requirements, now premiums.

New Medicaid expansion too much like the old one, advocate says

The state still proposes to grind the poor to qualify for Medicaid help.

Used car tax reduction swapped for approval of Medicaid budget

A $13 million tax cut preserves a $9 billion spending bill.

Senate approves the reworked Medicaid expansion without the work rule

The reworking of the Arkansas Works Medicaid expansion breezed through the Senate today.

Inside ARHOME, the state’s new vision for Medicaid expansion

With Medicaid work requirements a nonstarter for the Biden administration, Arkansas officials are planning big changes to the Medicaid expansion program. But key details of the proposal remain vague.

The new plan for Medicaid expansion -- carrot rather than stick

An incentive to work for better insurance is the cornerstone of the plan, but details remains hazy.

The future of opioid lawsuits will travel through Arkansas, a leader in opioid use

The future of lawsuits over opioids includes action in Arkansas, a major user of the drugs and slow to prescribe drugs that treat the addiction.

Medicaid expansion improved maternal health

Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families notes a new study that found states that adopted the Medicaid expansion provided by Obamacare -- such as Arkansas -- have had greater improvement in the health of mothers and babies. 

Arkansas Medicaid sees enrollment bump

Though the rise is modest, it is notable because the Medicaid expansion population has shrunk almost every month for the past two years. As highlighted by Governor Hutchinson, enrollment peaked at around 330,000 in early 2017 but has been declining ever since.