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Little Rock school superintendent will ask School Board to sue to invalidate ban on local mask mandates

Little Rock schools prepare to force issue on mask mandate ban.
IT Arkansas job board

Little Rock needs a school tax increase. But this way? No.

Little Rock schools may need a tax increase, but in a vote less than 75 days from now on a surprise proposal put forward by Johnny Key? Count me skeptical.

An abundance of caution in LRSD

A scare leads to quarantine. OK. But what about hundreds of thousands of others.

Little Rock School District extends deadline for choosing school option until July 6

The Little Rock School District has backed off a Monday deadline for choosing a school option this year.

Little Rock School District to parents: Five days to choose your school setting

Quick Little Rock parents. Classroom or "virtual schooling." You have five days to decide.

Would you buy an 'exit' plan for Little Rock School District from the state?

Hold your applause for the state's "exit plan" for the Little Rock School District

Poore floats delaying reconfiguration of elementary and middle schools

Little Rock School District Superintendent Mike Poore told the LRSD Community Advisory Board Thursday that he recommended that the district "take a step back" from its plans to close several elementary schools and open a new K-8 school in what's now the J.A. Fair campus in the 2020 school year.

Be wary of State Board’s unchecked power over LRSD

At what point will the rest of the state sit up and take notice? When will all Arkansans realize that this can and will happen to other school districts if we allow it to happen to Little Rock?
Several thousand LRSD supporters gathered at Central High School on Oct. 9 to protest the state’s treatment of the school district.

The second Little Rock crisis

The city braces for a teachers strike and indefinite state control of the school district.

What's next for Little Rock teachers

It's not hard to connect the dots. Nine months ago, when Education Commissioner Johnny Key demanded that the Little Rock Education Association agree to strip Little Rock teachers at struggling schools of the employment protections enjoyed by all other public school teachers in the state, the goal was to kill the LREA, the lone teacher's union in the state that still represents teachers in the district in collective bargaining. Today was the follow-up.

LR Board confirms termination of former principal

Michael Poore, the Little Rock School District Superintendent, confirms that the district's community advisory board accepted his recommendation last night that Rhonda Hall, the former principal of Mabelvale Middle School, be terminated.

Little Rock School District proposes starting teacher pay increase

The Walton whammy creates financial woes for the Little Rock School District, but the district still hopes to eke out a teacher pay raise.