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Little Rock School District (J. Key prop.) faulted for dyslexia services

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reports a state Education Department audit has found the Little Rock School District has been providing woefully inadequate help for students with dyslexia. So who's to blame?
IT Arkansas job board

Update: State Board approves waiver of Teacher Fair Dismissal law in the LRSD, denies most other proposals

Former State Board of Education chair Sam Ledbetter, who was the decisive vote to take over the district back in Jan. 2015, urged the board to reject the proposed waivers. "If in January 2015, I had any notion that this board would act in this manner, I assure you my vote on state takeover would have been against it," he said.

Democracy and the Little Rock School District: The fix is in

A board that advises the state in running the Little Rock School District made an important decision last night BEFORE hearing public comment. Alice in Wonderland, anyone?

A time to speak up for the Little Rock School District

The state Board of Education will meet at 10 a.m. Thursday in special session to complete business on suggestions to alter operation of the Little Rock and Pine Bluff School Districts. It is time for those who believe in local control of the district — looking at you Mayor-elect Frank Scott Jr. and the Little Regional Chamber of Commerce — to stand up and be counted.

Little Rock School District to release plan for changes at 5 p.m.

Little Rock School Superintendent Michael Poore held a news conference this afternoon at McClellan High to announce that he'd be releasing at 5 p.m. today on the web the "blueprint" for facility use and other plans for the school district.

New episode of Rock the Culture: "Juice In Your Own Life"

In this week’s episode, Charles and Antwan provide perspective and conversation on the Little Rock Mayoral Election and State Board of Education’s consideration of the anticipated request to waive the Fair Teacher Dismissal Act. In addition, Charles and Antwan discuss all things happening in the Little Rock School District with Superintendent Michael Poore.

West Little Rock politicians press for expansion of Pinnacle middle school to high school

Republican politicians have banded together to push for expansion of the Pinnacle View middle school on Highway 10 into high school grades to serve western Little Rock.

Informational picketing today in support of Little Rock teachers; contract negotiations continue

Bad weather for it, but informational picketing  is under way today at Little Rock School District campuses to show support for teachers targeted by State Education Commissioner Johnny Key's desire to make it easier to fire teachers at 22 Little Rock schools with low scores on standardized tests. Meanwhile, less than a week remains to come up with a new contract before the current one expires Oct. 31.

The future Little Rock School District up for discussion today

Michael Poore, superintendent of the Little Rock School District, will talk about the future of schools and attendance zones in the district at a news conference at 1:30 p.m. today at Metro Career Tech Center.

LRSD leader opposes arming teachers

Michael Poore, the superintendent of the state-controlled Little Rock School District, says he opposes arming teachers.

Little Rock School District considers proposal to arm 10 security staff

There are already about 21 armed school resource officers stationed in the LRSD's high schools and middle schools. Self's proposal would give firearms and nonlethal weapons to 10 LRSD personnel who work in the security division but are not licensed law enforcement officers and therefore are not currently armed.

A tale of two cities: Bentonville and LR react to planned student walkouts Wednesday

Come mothers and fathers throughout the land. High school students plan walkouts Wednesday in solidarity with the movement begun by the Florida school massacre. The usual school leadership divide has emerged: Authoritarianism (see Bentonville) to enlightenment (Little Rock).