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Federal judge upholds state's execution protocol

The state's three-drug execution protocol has again been cleared by a federal judge.
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Senators testify to effect of execution drugs

The state offered up two senators who'd served as execution witnesses, Trent Garner and Kim Hammer, to defend the position that the drugs are effective and don't cause silent suffering by inmates being executed.

Experts say drugs don't stop pain in Arkansas executions

KUAR's Michael Hibblen has been checking in on the two-week hearing in federal court in a challenge to Arkansas's use of the sedative midazolam as part of a three-drug execution procedure.

State suspends search for execution drug

KARK reports that the state Correction Department has temporarily stopped searching for midazolam, one of the drugs used in executions. That likely means no further executions until the law can be changed to provide more secrecy in the process.

State Supreme Court again rules state must release execution drug labels, if redacted

The ruling mirrored a decision made by the court in November over another drug used in the execution protocol, the sedative midazolam.

International attention still on Arkansas's use of the death penalty

David O'Sullivan, European Union Ambassador to the United States, talked about the EU's opposition to the death penalty last night at the Clinton School.

Death in Arkansas: The botched execution of Kenneth Williams and the fallout, or lack of it

Liliana Segura writes in-depth at The Intercept on Arkansas's execution of Kenneth Williams, whose outward signs of distress signaled another botched administration of killing drugs including the controversial sedative midazolam.

Athenex identified as manufacturer of execution drug; they disapprove

A controversial sedative bought by Arkansas as the first drug in its lethal injection execution process was manufactured by Anthenex, an affidavit revealed this morning. The Arkansas Supreme Court ruled last week that the identity of manufacturers were not protected by secrecy laws.

Lawyers challenge role of prison director in determining competency of Jack Greene

In Arkansas, the same person in charge of carrying out executions decides whether an inmate is evaluated for competency. Lawyers say this is unconstitutional and asking for a comeptency hearing for death row inmate Jack Gordon Greene.

Supreme Court orders release of some execution drug information

The Arkansas Supreme Court ruled this afternoon that Circuit Judge Mackie Pierce was correct in ruling that the state Correction Department must supply labels and package inserts for the execution drug midazolam that had been sought by Steve Shults of Little Rock in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.

Lawyer sues ADC for more information on controversial execution drug

A lawyer claims the Arkansas Department of Correction is violating the Freedom of Information Act by not supplying him with the labeling materials from their supply of midazolam.

After midazolam

Officials ponder a way forward on the death penalty, now that the state's supply of a key drug has expired.