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More Delta exhibition news: Louis Watts, Taimur Cleary

Four images to whet your appetite for the upcoming Delta Exhibition at the Arkansas Arts Center: Drawing by Louis Watts, a painting by Taimur Cleary, mixed media ceramic work by Ian Park and a woodcut by Neal Harrington.
IT Arkansas job board

Five Arkansas artists you should know

They all have stories to tell.

Neal Harrington at Cantrell Gallery

His linoleum cuts a "Ballad in Relief."

A rich Delta

The 55th Delta Exhibition at the Arkansas Arts Center opened last week in the Rockefeller Gallery with work by artists both familiar — including the Grand Prize winner — and new.

Delta Grand Prize winner: Mark Lewis

Arkansas artists bring home a Delta Award and an Honorary Mention.

How small names grow big: SWOP

“Small Works on Paper" a venue for upcoming and established artists alike.

SWOP coming Jan. 5

To the Laman Library in North Little Rock.