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New York Times spotlights Arkansans suffering from post-pandemic Medicaid purge

Why was the Biden administration so slow in responding to Arkansas's Medicaid purge?
IT Arkansas job board

Wall Street Journal, New York Times look into Arkansas governor's high-dollar lectern

The attention from national media outlets suggests that despite the governor's insistence that podiumgate is a manufactured controversy pushed by disgruntled political foes, this story has legs.

New York Times, NBC, Guardian take note of Arkansas library lawsuit

The lawsuit challenging Act 372 is grabbing headlines far beyond Arkansas.

Meet me in Mountain View. It's recommended by the New York Times

Mountain View joins a roster of mostly much bigger cities in a New York Times feature on life returning to center cities.

Sympathy for Dumas and a community event turned deadly

A community homecoming faces an uncertain future in Dumas after a mass shooting March 19.

Arkansas Times publisher explains our stance on Israel boycott law to readers of New York Times

The Arkansas Times gets a big soapbox for its stand against a state law limiting our free speech.

Arkansas's anti-vax contingent makes a cameo in NYT spotlight on 'Designing Women' premiere in Fayetteville

The two-act comedy places the Sugarbaker sisters et al. in a relatively current moment, eavesdropping "on the women and a few new characters as they contend with the pandemic, the possible financial collapse of their firm and the 2020 presidential election." And, maybe unsurprisingly, the theater's COVID protocols elicited outrage from those unwilling to present proof of vaccination in order to attend.

Arkansas politics makes page one in New York Times

Is Arkansas a lost cause politically? The New York Times examines the question.

More national headlines for Asa Hutchinson transgender veto, including Trump ripping him as 'lightweight RINO'

Lots more attention for the governor's veto, not all of it good,

The new Trump normal, as illustrated by the New York Times

News judgment in the era of Trump: The unthinkable is back-of-the-book news.

Tom Cotton buys ad in New York Times to rip Biden. Hey, senator, charity begins at home.

Hey, Tom, spread that money around.

Tom Cotton can claim a scalp: James Bennet out as New York Times editorial page editor after op-ed fiasco

Tom Cotton's phony op-ed has already embarrassed the New York Times. Now it's cost the man who gave him the platform his job.