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Joint Budget Committee rejects proposal to reduce Arkansas PBS’ spending authority

A legislative panel on Thursday narrowly rejected a proposed 20% reduction to Arkansas PBS’ spending authority for fiscal year 2025.
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Fentanyl test strips now legal in Arkansas

A small amount of fentanyl — two milligrams — can be fatal. Now, test strips that were previously categorized as drug paraphernalia are legally available to detect fentanyl hidden in other substances.

Governor can hide travel expenses and companions from public view, but it could be worse

A bill that would have decimated Arkansas's Freedom of Information Act is no longer on the table, but lawmakers will likely give their final approval for a watered-down version that leaves lots of room for abuse.

Clowney recognized by national progressive organization

Rep. Nicole Clowney (D-Fayetteville) has been recognized by NewDEAL, a national progressive organization. The group has honored 191 individuals over the past 12 years, including Pete Buttigieg and Stacey Abrams.
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Making Arkansas worse again

A pliable legislature stomped on the poor, indulged the rich and threw teachers, librarians, children and trans people under the bus, all because the MAGA governor told them to.

Gov. Sanders vetoes legislation on heart attack prevention, behavioral health licensing, board stipends and COVID money

A hodgepodge of vetoes from the governor.

House panel backs bill to use lottery scholarships at vocational schools

A House committee advanced a bill that would let voters decide if lottery scholarship money should be used at vocational schools in addition to two-year and four-year colleges and universities.

Public testimony from attorney father of trans kid saves the day in debate over what would have been worst trans bathroom ban in the country

Following hours of debate, Sen. John Payton (R-Wilburn) and Rep. Cindy Crawford (R-Fort Smith), sponsors of Senate Bill 270, agreed to amend their stupid and hateful bill to match their stated purpose: to ensure that people using public bathrooms that don't match their birth sex don't act sexually inappropriate. 

Library bill rises from dead, passes House committee

The House Judiciary Committee passed a bill Thursday that would restrict minors' access to certain materials and make librarians subject to criminal penalties. The bill died in the committee on Tuesday but was brought back today with amendment.

Online voter registration fails to pass House committee, other voting bills sail through

A state legislative committee declined to make voter registration a little easier Wednesday and one legislator said her constituents were upset when she had voted to do so in the past. 

Attack on trans rights in Arkansas continues as House lawmakers approve more obstacles to care

A House committee voted up a bill that posts more barriers for transgender adolescents seeking medical gender-affirming care.

Bill to allow abortion when fetuses have zero chance of survival tanks in House committee

Clowney's bill would have allowed for terminations when fetal anomalies are incompatible with life. The committee's No vote means women in Arkansas carrying fetuses certain to die, either before birth or within hours or days after birth, still have no option but to carry their pregnancies to term.