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Gun safety advocates pan the Arkansas School Safety Commission's backward, dangerous recommendations

“Far more needs to be done to keep our children safe in and out of the classroom, but militarizing their schools is not the answer,” said Anna Morshedi, the Little Rock local group lead for Moms Demand Action. “Increasing the presence of armed personnel in schools does little to prevent gun violence, and it poses an additional risk to the wellbeing of students of color. We need lawmakers to address the root cause of the problem and stop guns from coming into our schools in the first place.”
IT Arkansas job board

NRA School Shield program once headed by Asa Hutchinson called a 'fundraising front,' also misguided

Hinky numbers are far from the worst problem with the School Shield program. Putting adults with guns in schools is not only ineffective; it imposes a punishing, prison-like atmosphere on our children for a problem they did not create.

Arkansas governor not headed to Texas for NRA meeting

Governor Hutchinson never had plans to go, his spokeswoman confirms.

It's 2021 in America, so go give blood for school shooting victims in the parking lot of a gun store

The location for the blood drive is the Bass Pro Shop parking lot, where if you like, you can purchase a 9 mm semiautomatic Sig Sauer pistol just like the one the 15-year-old sophomore used to murder and maim.

NRA used shell companies to fund Tom Cotton and others, lawsuit says

The NRA sent millions to their favorite candidates illegally, a new suit claims.

Another loss for Leslie Rutledge and the NRA

Chalk up another loss for Leslie Rutledge's national legal work.

The Onion returns to Arkansas for material again, this time using French Hill as butt of the 'joke'

French Hills plays the role of NRA sympathizer in The Onion's lampoon of how gun defenders might react to the latest mass killing.

Leslie Rutledge again busy joining out-of-state lawsuits

Leslie Rutledge is out of state in two more lawsuits of no direct impact on Arkansas.

Taxpayers assert right to sue Rutledge for her spending on political advancement

Lawyer in taxpayers suit answers dismissal motion by Attorney General Leslie Rutledge. Is she the sole determinant of the "state's interest?"

UPDATE: Committee approves stand-your-ground bill in its original form

Amendment to make it even worse failed because of prosecutors' opposition.

Duck and cover: A big shootout on the session's leading gun bill is next week

Stand Your Ground legislation is before a House committee next week. Are there enough reasonable Republicans to join with Democrats to block it?

NRA idolators file their "stand your ground" law

Lots of sponsors for another run at making it easier to shoot people if you feel threatened by them.