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A bill to let fire department bomb squads carry guns and make arrests advances through committee

House bill 1018 by Rep. Stephen Meeks (R-Greenbrier) would clear the way for members of Arkansas's three fire department bomb squads in Little Rock, Conway and Fort Smith to pack heat either secretly or openly, and to make arrests.
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Federal court rules against State Police filtering of Facebook comments by critic

State Police must adjust its Facebook comment moderation practices.

UPDATE: Walmart to restrict ammo sales and discourage open carry of guns in its stores

Walmart will restrict ammunition sales and discourage open carry in its stores as it continues to respond to recent store shootings.

Senate endorses 'constitutional carry'

In a vote without legal meaning, the Senate voted 24-5 today in support of a resolution "clarifying" that Arkansas is "a constitutional carry state, with no permit required to carry a handgun, either unconcealed or concealed."

Gun lobby slowed on unlimited carry resolution in House committee

An effort to declare by resolution that no permit is required to carry a weapon in Arkansas, concealed or unconcealed, ran out of time this morning.

Game and Fish Commission OKs open carry

The state Game and Fish Commission on Thursday officially blessed Thursday open carry of handguns on its properties.

Governor also sent message on open carry to prosecutors

Gov. Asa Hutchinson also informed prosecutors, through the state prosecutor co-ordinator's office, of his belief that open carry of guns was legal in Arkansas.

Governor tells State Police 'open carry' is the law in Arkansas

Gov. Asa Hutchinson has informed the Arkansas State Police that he believes a 2013 law made open carry of guns legal in Arkansas and they should police accordingly.

Supreme Court won't consider Florida's ban on open carry

The U.S. Supreme Court today passed up a chance to hear a challenge to a Florida state law banning open carry of guns in public.

Guns blaze again in committee, but no progress on campus carry

The Senate Judiciary Committee repeated a battle on gun legislation that was waged Tuesday night with another no-decision outcome.

House Bill would require training, permit for open carry of handguns

A bill filed Tuesday by Helena Democratic Rep. Chris Richey would expand the current rules and licensing requirements covering concealed handgun carry to "open carry" of handguns carried in plain sight. If passed, the bill would require those wishing to "open carry" a handgun to obtain the same permit currently required for concealed carry.

Sunday. A troubled open line.

Here's the Sunday open line. Another day of senseless slaughter with no immediate answers for many questions.