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An Alabama Alarm: We must restore reproductive rights in Arkansas now

In the wake of an alarming decision by the Alabama Supreme Court, the landscape of reproductive healthcare in Arkansas is even more dire than before. 
IT Arkansas job board

National funders skip Arkansas's abortion fight, locals soldier on

Better than nothing but not good enough, national funders tell Arkansas reproductive rights advocates.

A lesson in recognizing anti-abortion propaganda

Far right political propaganda only uses one thing: fear.

Arkansas ballot initiatives show the people really do rule

Get ready, Arkansas. The petitioners are coming.

Recognize propaganda: about those anti-choice posters

How to recognize “macabre disinformation.” 

If Arkansas claims to protect life, it needs to do more for mothers and infants

Arkansas has the highest maternal mortality rate in the nation, and 60% of rural hospitals in the state do not offer labor and delivery services for expectant mothers.

Arkansans ready for Reproductive Rights Amendment

If an expansion of abortion access goes on the ballot, Arkansas voters will support it.
Army bringing farmers to town

Faulty history: A historian’s critique of a new documentary on the Elaine Massacre

One can demand a better tomorrow without distorting the historical record to manufacture a better yesterday.

Arkansas Times publisher talks anti-boycott laws with Al Jazeera

Leveritt and the Arkansas Times have no deep understanding of the geopolitics of the Middle East, but we know a thing or two about the First Amendment. And forcing anyone who aims to do any kind of business with the state to pledge to not boycott Israel is compelled speech for sure.

Propaganda aside, school choice still seems pretty unpopular

Light turnout for a school choice event in Little Rock Saturday, even as proponents for school vouchers push their agenda here and across the country.

National guard colonel's resignation prevents zero abortions; state lawmakers write a letter to the president

The lawmakers joining Arkansas's governor to kick and scream about religious freedom know perfectly well that forcing one's own religion on everyone around them is the opposite of what the First Amendment calls for.

Sanders touts administration's transparency in KARK interview. (No, seriously. She actually did that.)

She might as well have bragged about her fiscal conservatism, since words have no meaning anymore.