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Arkansas Supreme Court

Court of Appeals says state unfair to claimant for pandemic unemployment benefit

IT Arkansas job board

State says unemployment claims for period before end of program June 26 will be honored

The state says it will pay all legitimate claims, but only benefits accrued through June 26.

Legal Services sues Workforce Services over refusal to provide information about unemployment benefits process UPDATE

Legal Aid has sued the state's umemployment agency for failing to provide answers to FOI requests aimed at figuring out why thousands of people have had to wait so long for benefits.

The unemployment slog continues

The obstacles to getting cleared for unemployment assistance have prompted an extension in verifying IDs.

Arkansas's unemployment assistance muddle continues for many

The state claims the pandemic unemployment assistance payment system is up and running. Smoothly? Beneficiaries say no.

Q&A: The state's lag in pandemic unemployment assistance payments

Q&A on the pandemic unemployment assistance program and other federal benefits. Many intended beneficiaries are frustrated.

Thousands of unemployment claims remain locked by state

Fraud prevention efforts by the Division of Workforce Services have slowed the flow of aid to jobless Arkansans.

21,000 people on hold for pandemic unemployment assistance; six people working on it for state

Only six people are working on the locked accounts for the state.

UPDATE: Class action lawsuit filed over Arkansas handling of Pandemic Unemployment Assistance claims

A class action lawsuit has been filed over the security breach in the pandemic unemployment assistance program and it names at least one person already allegedly victimized. It also seeks the lifting of hold on those locked out of system.

Pandemic unemployment assistance: Checking again on complaints of malfunctions UPDATE

The state says the unemployment benefits program for self-employed is working fine. Those seeking it beg to differ.

An update on pandemic unemployment assistance. Still waiting for debit cards.

The long wait for pandemic unemployment assistance in Arkansas. Many are still waiting.

Hutchinson officials questioned by Legislative Council on virus benefits

Legislators had many questions today for Hutchinson admimistration officials on handling of pandemic assistance payments.