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Test scores dismal on PARCC test

Last week, the state Education Department quietly posted school-by-school breakdowns of student scores on the PARCC test, used in 2014-15, that was aligned with Common Core.
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State releases performance test scores; minority in grades 3-8 meeting expectations

The state Education Department today released 2014-15 scores by students in grades 3-8 on the PARCC test in math and reading. Not so hot.

Pressure from feds prompted clarification of Arkansas school test scores

A Freedom of Information Act request shows the state knew at least three days before it admitted error that the federal education officials took issue with how it characterized Arkansas student scores on standardized tests.

State concedes error, says no intention to soften school testing standards

State concedes error in how student test scores were characterized last week. Commissioner Johnny Key says there's been no retreat from high standards.

Arkansas Education Department improves appearance of student test scores

The Washington Post reports that Arkansas joined Ohio in dumbing down what constitutes proficiency on the standardized test used last school year to measure academic proficiency.

UPDATE: 2015 PARCC test results for high schoolers illustrate lack of rigor in old Arkansas Benchmark test

The state released scores on a new school performance test, but since it can't be directly compared with the year before or yet another new test next year, it's hard to draw conclusions.

Test change a harbinger of one-branch government in Arkansas

John Lyon of the Arkansas News Bureau has written about objections raised to the state Board of Education's change of course last week — under pressure from Gov. Asa Hutchinson and with three of four votes from his appointees — to change the test used to measure student achievement in public schools. It's a symptom of a much bigger governmental problem

UPDATED: State Board of Education votes to change school test from PARCC to ACT

The State Board of Education voted 4-2 today to use the ACT Aspire test as the measure of student achievement in public schools next year, thus reversing its June vote to reject a contract with the testing company. In addition to the two "no" votes, two other members abstained in protest — Jay Barth and Vicki Saviers.

Hutchinson: Not wedded to ACT Aspire for testing. Also, new state board appointments coming soon

The AP's Andrew DeMillo reports that Gov. Asa Hutchinson said today he's willing to consider other standardized tests besides the ACT Aspire for the coming school year. Just as importantly, the governor also mentioned that he plans to fill the three soon-to-be-vacant seats on the State Board of Education in the next couple of weeks.

Arkansas's testing decision: Why not opt-out entirely for a year?

Rather than hopping to a third new test in as many years, and rather than repeating PARCC, why not boldly declare 2015-16 to be the year without a test? Nice as that sounds, it would probably make Arkansas ineligible for federal education funding.

Asa doubles down on ditching PARCC in favor of ACT Aspire

In a letter this afternoon, Gov. Asa Hutchinson directed Education Commissioner Johnny Key to withdraw the state from PARCC, the multi-state testing consortium that Arkansas used for its standardized assessments this last school year.

ACTing out

When they say it isn't about politics, as Lt. Gov. Tim Griffin said about Gov. Asa Hutchinson's timid stance on Common Core, you can be sure it's about politics. And politics is never more savage than when it deals with the schools, unless it is when it deals with health care.