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Two Hot Spring County deputies arrested, charged with battering a former inmate

Two Hot Spring County Sheriff's deputies are facing charges after being accused of assaulting a person they'd just released from jail.
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Special prosecutor appointed in review of violent Crawford County arrest; lawsuit also filed

Arkansas State Police spokesman Bill Sadler said late yesterday that the state police's part of the investigation -- into the police's use of force -- was "winding down." The FBI and the Justice Department also are investigating the matter.

Crawford County deputy suspended for brutal beating already had multiple complaints against him

At least four people have accused Crawford County Deputy Levi White of using excessive violence against them. One of those complaints is connected to White's time as a Franklin County deputy.

Officer caught on camera bludgeoning suspect in Mulberry has history of domestic violence

Thell Riddle lost a job in law enforcement in 2008 after reportedly hitting his girlfriend, the Arkansas Advocate reports.

Identities of Crawford County law enforcement captured on viral video revealed

The Mulberry Police Department and the Crawford County Sheriff's Department have confirmed that Mulberry Police Officer Thell Riddle and Crawford County Sheriff's deputies Zack King and Levi White are the men captured on video brutally beating a suspect outside the Kountry Express Sunday morning.

Man brutally beaten by Crawford County law officers was treated for injuries, then jailed

Randall Worcester, 27, of Goose Creek, South Carolina was transported to an area hospital for examination and treatment, then later released and jailed at Van Buren, Arkansas State Police reported Sunday night.

UPDATE: Crawford County officers caught on video pummeling shoeless man, deputies suspended

An absolutely brutal arrest in Mulberry today left witnesses shaken. Cellphone video captured three officers beating a shoeless man, and punching his head into the cement. Witnesses tried to intervene.

State police officers sued for shooting protester in the face with bean bag projectile, shattering his teeth and jaw

Since June of 2020, Don Cook has been shot in the face with lead pellets, undergone multiple surgeries and been arrested in his pajamas in front of nosy neighbors. Now, he's going on the offense with a federal lawsuit against the Arkansas State Police.

Author Ronnie Williams gives talk on 'Markham Street' at Clinton Presidential Center Thursday night

Author Ronnie Williams talks about his new release "Markham Street," which depicts his upbringing in Menifee's Black community and his family's "decades-long quest for racial justice following the death of his brother Marvin in 1960 at the then Faulkner County Jail."

Death of man in police custody ruled a homicide, family demands more information

The family of a man who died in police custody and whose death was ruled a homicide want the public to see video of what happened that night.

Justice: Four years in prison for brutal former sheriff

A former sheriff will do four years in prison for beating jail inmates.

Charges dropped for man blasted in the face with projectile by State Police officer, but questions remain about the officer

The state of Arkansas is dropping charges against the attorney and father of three whose teeth and jaw were shattered when Arkansas State Police officer Ryan Wingo shot him with a bean bag projectile in 2020.