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Oprah for president?

IT Arkansas job board

Donald Trump wishes America good morning

Donald Trump announces that he's "a very stable genius."

How Donald Trump learned to stop worrying and love the bomb

I was offline last night, so I woke up this morning blissfully unaware of our preening president's prattling provocations. Well.

Women who have accused President Trump of sexual misconduct to hold news conference

CBS reports that women who have publicly accused President Trump of sexual harassment and assault will hold a news conference this morning at 10:30 EST.

Columbia Journalism Review analysis: Mainstream media devoted outsized coverage to Clinton scandals during 2016 election

The Columbia Journalism Review takes an in-depth look at coverage of the 2016 presidential election in conventional mainstream outlets such as The Washington Post, The New York Times, CNN, and Politico.

Trump's threats to Obamacare subsidies are bad political news for...Republicans

Trump's threat isn't just immoral. It's dumb.

Obama makes first public remarks since leaving White House

Former President Barack Obama is  speaking at the University of Chicago, delivering his first public remarks since leaving the Oval Office. You can watch a livestream here.

Politico: White House unhappy with SNL's Spicer roasting

As Trumpworld turns.

Obama issues first statement since leaving White House

In his final press conference, President Barack Obama said that he might speak up after leaving office if he was concerned that "our core values may be at stake."

Trump will keep Obama's executive order protecting federal LGBT workers

The White House announced yesterday that President Donald Trump will continue to enforce his predecessor's 2014 executive order requiring all companies who contract with the federal government not to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity

Donald Trump is unpopular but Republicans will try to enact a sweeping right-wing agenda anyways

Americans don't like his policies and plans, they don't like his cabinet picks, and they don't like him. But Donald Trump is nevertheless the president elect of the United States, and it's all systems go for his unpopular agenda.

Hillary Clinton's popular vote lead now at 2.7 million and counting

Dave Wasserman of the Cook Political Report has the latest numbers: Hillary Clinton's lead in the popular vote is now 2.7 million, giving her a 2 point advantage over Donald Trump (for all the good that does!).