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Public schools must teach pro-adoption, anti-abortion lesson by end of school year, per new state law

A little-known law passed in 2023 requires public schools to teach "the reasons adoption is preferable to abortion" in grades 6-12.
IT Arkansas job board

Behold these truth bombs from the Arkansas Library Association's new public awareness campaign

Go, libraries!

Appeals court says masks can be required in Iowa schools to protect children with disabilities

An Iowa law banning mask mandates in schools has been found wantingby a federal appeals court.

More COVID questions for school districts from the anti-mask lobby in the Arkansas legislature

Still more questions for school district, driven by the agenda of anti-mask legisators.

Here's that state school survey: Mask mandates appear to correlate with fewer COVID cases and quarantines

Masks work, or so a new legislative study indicates.

The public school mask mandate round-up

With less than a week before the start of school, school boards and charter school systems around the state have begun to make decisions on how to respond to a Pulaski County judge temporarily blocking the state law that prohibits public mask mandates.

Panel approves another year's suspension in state school grading system

Education officials say data isn't reliable during a pandemic year.

The COVID crisis: Community spread; ravaged prison staffs; fearful school patrons; vaccine rollout failure. Add to the mix rabid Trumpers

Fear of a return to school rises.

Arkansas schools amid the COVID crisis: Does one size fit all? State says no, but refuses post-Thanksgiving switch to remote classes

The COVID count rises but the state refuses to budget from its insistence on in-school classes, including in the days following Thanksgiving.

Governor touts growth in enrollment in computer science courses

Legislation planned in 2021 to require a computer course for graduation.

Viritual education: One parent's story

Virtual kindergarten. It didn't work out so well for one public school parebnt.

Remember: The governor is not going to get 'bent out of shape' about this

Back to school. What could go wrong?