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The science says Arkansas isn't ready to return to classrooms. And where does the governor get off calling the shots?

The science is clear: Arkansas schools shouldn't reopen except virtually. Science and the law don't apply in Arkansas. Money talks.
IT Arkansas job board

Teachers, parents to state Board of Education: Regular classes should not resume Aug. 24

Letters to the state Board of Education indicate broad misgivings about a return to school classrooms Aug. 24.

The public school watch in the COVID-19 era

Nervous about reopening? Most parents are.

Teachers: Arkansas is in 'no way ready to safely reopen schools'

Teachers want to go back to work, the AEA says. But the state isn't ready to do so safely.

Group issues demands of state for Little Rock schools, but the message isn't strictly local

Demands for safe and adequate schools in Little Rock and everywhere else. The governor will throw them away, but they are worth thinking about.

Teachers are concerned as state prepares to waive rules and combine classroom and online instruction to cope with COVID-19

Teachers are concerned about the coming school year, not least because they were left out of planning for it.

The school questions: Will real classes resume? Are all homes computer-ready? Will classes be safe?

Are schools and colleges ready to resume regular classes in August? We likely won't know until it's too late.

The shape of public schools: Changing for sure

Bentonville prepares for virtual school as a 20-21 option.

A warning about the advent of more online public schooling UPDATE

The "reformers" and private operators are preparing to use the pandemic crisis to further deconstruction Arkansas public schools.

Coronavirus: A boost to public schools? It should be.

The pandemic might produce a greater appreciation of public schools. It isn't easy to teach.

Arkansas will not go back to school this year, but alternative instruction will continue

No, regular school won't resume in Arkansas April 17, but teaching will continue in some fashion.

Looking ahead: Whither public schools

Looking to the post-virus future through history: Concern for public school support.