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Washington court rules charter schools in that state unconstitutional

A huge court decision in the state of Washington: Its Supreme Court has ruled that charter schools there are unconstitutional. The case may hold no legal meaning in Arkansas, but it's rooted in principles with many parallels in Arkansas.
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Walton Family Foundation comes to rescue of new LR charter school

The Quest charter middle school will open in August in West Little Rock after a rocky regulatory road, thanks, we now know, to some financial help from the Walton Family Foundation, billion-dollar backers of charter school expansion.

Quest charter school still working on next year

The proposed Quest charter middle school for west Little Rock was dealt a setback when the state Board of Education denied its proposal for a new location on Hardin Road, but it hasn't given up on trying to find a way to open next year. Meanwhile, the company that will operate the school has provided me some interesting information on the families of nearly 180 children who'd sought admission.

The Obama in Arkansas Edition

President Obama’s visit to Arkansas, the ruling on a lawsuit challenging the state’s ban on same-sex marriage, a PR push for the Keystone pipeline, dark money flooding state political races at all levels, Asa Hutchinson’s thoughts on ending the private option, Frank Broyles getting pushed out at the UA, Johnny Key landing on his feet and Quest Charter School hitting a significant speed bump — all covered on this week's podcast.

State Board of Education denies move of Quest charter school

The state Board of Education today overwhelmingly rejected an application to move the approved Quest charter middle school to a new location on Harding Road, just west of I-430 and Shackleford Road. Testimony included a recitation of the ways representatives of the school have provided misleading or incomplete information to state regulators. A representative of the school said the organizers would now seek to find a location acceptable to all. But it likely will make it difficult for the school, which says it has signed up 180 prospective students, to open by fall.

Report: Lack of oversight leads to fraud, abuse in charter school operations

Don't look for Bill Moyers to be getting any grants from the Walton Family Foundation. His website reports on a new study about harm to taxpayers and school children from poor oversight of charter schools.

New York Times focuses on Walton fortune investment in charter, voucher schools; filling in some missing parts

The New York Times takes a deep look at the Walton fortune's promotion of charter schools and school vouchers. The article was so deep, the Democrat-Gazette couldn't reprint it all. And there just wasn't room to mention all the Walton influence, some of debatable value, in the small state of Arkansas.

Charter school moved ahead with site purchase before vote

Though it still hasn't received state approval for the site, the operators of the proposed Quest charter middle school in West Little Rock have already purchased the property.

Taxpayers fund creationism through voucher programs

Politico has produced a major report on the increasing use of publicly financed school voucher programs to send tax money to private schools that teach creationism. Arkansas isn't numbered in the movement — yet.

The open line: Charter school debate; Pulaski Tech fee increase; UA gun ban; another ruling for marriage equality

The Friday night line is open. Final items include a debate on a West Little Rock charter school; proposed fee increases at Pulaski Tech; news of some old-school politicos from Louisiana; UA bans guns; marriage equality advances in Michigan.

State Education Department sidesteps complaint about creationism

The state Education Department won't act on a complaint of illegal teaching of religion by a charter school operator with schools in Arkansas. Department Director Tom Kimbrell referred the complainant to the operator of the schools.

School truths

The Walton Family Foundation, abetted by the wealthy Stephens, Hussman, Murphy and Dillard clans, is winning the "school choice" war.