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'Here come the witches': How congregants in the Southern Delta Church of Wicca found acceptance

Thirty years after a satanic panic almost led to clashes between Christians and Wiccans in the streets of Jonesboro, priest Terry Riley and his pagan flock have gained acceptance for their good works.
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Bourbon and cigars, Protestant monuments, a female governor: the many ways Arkansas violates 'religious freedom'

If allowing people to obtain legal abortions violates an Arkansas National Guard colonel's religious beliefs, what other violations are happening out there? Lots.

Religious freedom cuts many ways; see Satanic Temple's challenge over rejected abortion billboards

Religious freedom means different things to different religions, right? A federal judge in Arkansas will consider the argument on abortion law.

A trifecta of defeats is looking more likely for the three legislatively proposed constitutional amendments, including Issue 3

The bully of Bigelow's misleadingly named religious freedom amendment seems headed for the scrap heap.

Why Arkansas's abortion ban violates freedom of religion, among other shortcomings

More legal grounds on which to challenge Arkansas's abortion ban.

Pulaski County records 5,500 new voters in 2022 — time to check voter registration

The last day to register to vote in Arkansas is Oct. 11. Early voting starts not long after, on Oct. 24. Election Day is Nov. 8.

Speaking of abortion: Whose religion counts?

How serious is the Supreme Court about religious freedom? An abortio case might provide an answer.

The final hours of the legislature: Race, religion and voting to the fore

The legislature saved some of its worst for last, but surprise. A couple didn't pass committee this morning.

Amendment selection firms up

Two amendments are done and a third is on the way.

Will Arkansas again legalize discrimination against gay parents?

Sen. Alan Clark this week amended his SB 352 aimed at allowing private adoption and foster care agencies to discriminate against gay people.  Perhaps the legislature should consider news from Michigan this week and past history in considering this legislation.

Jeff Sessions' Arkansas trip includes a Little Rock stop

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who we'd already said would be at Lake Hamilton schools Wednesday with Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to talk up more armed staff in schools, also plans a stop in Little Rock to talk crime.

Rutledge busy everywhere but Arkansas

Attorney General Leslie Rutledge doesn't have time to look into some important consumer issues in Arkansas, but she is busy intervening in lawsuits around the country on pet Republican issues such as discrimination against gay people.