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Easy answer wrong

For every complex human problem, H. L. Mencken said, there is always one easy answer that is neat, plausible and wrong.
IT Arkansas job board

Dustin McDaniel's excellent week

Attorney General Dustin McDaniel, prepping for his race for governor against Mike Ross in 2014, has had an excellent week by his lights.

Fayetteville to the 4th District? Maybe

John Brummett explains, as I did the other day, that growing the 4th Congressional District into Fayetteville is not so strange as it first appeared.

U.S. House votes $60 billion cut; Ross a 'nay'

Early this morning, the U.S. House passed a budget resolution that cuts spending in many vital programs by $60 billion.

House cuts Planned Parenthood money UPDATE

The House voted as expected today to cut federal funding for Planned Parenthood. The money didn't pay for abortions, which are provided by Planned Parenthood in some states, but not Arkansas.

Majority opposes halt to health care funding

Note to Rep. Mike Ross, who decides most issues by putting a finger to the wind: New polling says a solid majority opposes an end to funding of the health care reform legislation, as he and Republicans favor.

Republicans fold on rape proposal

Republicans — and presumably co-sponsor Rep. Mike Ross — have decided not to push forward with a new, more limited definition of rapes for abortions covered by Medicaid.

Abortion bill is dramatic change

A family law professor tells Talking Points Memo that — contrary to assertions by anti-abortion forces — a proposal to end Medicaid coverage for abortions in the case of many rape and incest cases would indeed amount to a dramatic change in law with a large impact on minors.

How's your memory?

David Koon recommends this message for Democrats. Too late, of course.

Dr. No: Screw workers and the poor

In the continuing reality show of what Dr. No Boozman would mean in the U.S. Senate, we have today the vote in the House for money to shore up Medicaid (health care for the elderly and poor) and public sector jobs for people like teachers, police and firefighters.

Mike Ross does it again: Sticks with rich

Jason Tolbert notes that U.S. Rep. Mike Ross told a town hall crowd that he supported continuing the Bush tax cuts, for the wealthy and all.

A dish of pork for Mike Ross

U.S. Rep. Mike Ross has landed almost $1 milllion in federal dough to improve the roadway of a commercial strip along I-30 in his hometown of Prescott.