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Congressman Rick Crawford sues the United States for a pay raise, says $174K salary not enough

Will any of us shed a tear for a guy who makes more than three times the median household income in his home state? 
IT Arkansas job board

Group pushes Womack to support Ukraine aid despite GOP blockade of bill

Republicans for Ukraine has given Womack a rating of "A" on its report card — which is why it's pushing him to support a discharge petition for a foreign aid bill held up by GOP leadership.

As food insecurity rises, D.C. politicians debate adding more SNAP work requirements

Negotiations over farm bill programs like SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), sometimes called food stamps, are especially important for Arkansas, the state with the highest rate of food insecurity in the nation.

Arkansas congressional delegation reacts to expulsion of George Santos

Two of Arkansas's congressmen voted to expel George Santos, one voted not to, and one voted "present." Three of them issued statements afterward, explaining their votes.

GOP House wackos seek to elevate one of their own as Speaker

There's a Nixon to China analogy buried somewhere in here, only all involved are ignominious goofballs.

Womack pushes for Steve Scalise’s bid for speaker but Republicans remain divided

Rep. Steve Womack of Northwest Arkansas is rallying fellow Republicans to support Scalise, the House majority leader.

Supreme Court ruling on Alabama gerrymandering bodes well for Arkansas voters

The fight in Alabama resembles a skirmish in Arkansas, where a Republican legislative supermajority drew sweetheart congressional district lines all but guaranteed to waltz U.S. Rep. French Hill right back into office.

Boozman, Crawford pushing for commemorative coin to memorialize Sultana disaster

In 1865, the Sultana Steamboat exploded just north of Marion in the greatest maritime disaster in American history. Some of Arkansas's congressional leaders are making moves to commemorate the tragedy with special coins.

1st District Congressional debate. Whew

Arkansas lands three on Washington Post list of election deniers. Is it complete?

A Washington Post list of election denier candidates in Arkansas seems short a few Republicans. One particularly.

Pardons sought for coup participants, including a request that covered Rick Crawford, Leslie Rutledge

Mo Brooks sought a pardon for, among others, Rick Crawford of Arkansas and Attorney General Leslie Rutledge.

Arkansas congressional delegation helps block bill to combat domestic terrorism

Not surprisingly, every congressman from Arkansas (Republicans French Hill, Steve Womack, Bruce Westerman and Rick Crawford) voted against this bill to address the domestic terrorism that's heaping dead bodies in our churches, schools and grocery stores.