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March 5 election may hand Gov. Sanders new state Supreme Court appointments

Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders could end up appointing two new Arkansas Supreme Court Justices this year, depending on the outcome of two races.
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Supreme Court Justice Courtney Hudson joins race to fill Robin Wynne's seat

Mandatory judicial retirement and long-term decision-making influenced Hudson's decision to run for Wynne's seat this year.

Gov. Sanders names state GOP chair Cody Hiland to fill state Supreme Court vacancy

Hiland, a former federal prosecutor from Conway, will hold the seat until 2025. Voters will choose his successor in an election next year.

Update: Judge blocks Arkansas LEARNS for second time while state suggests it may not comply

Attorney General Tim Griffin said he would immediately appeal the ruling to the state Supreme Court.

Justice Robin Wynne is dead at 70, state Supreme Court says

Wynne's death leaves a vacancy on the seven-member court that will be filled by Gov. Sarah Sanders until a successor can be elected, presumably in 2024.

Asa Hutchinson III gets law license back as Justice Hudson issues strong rebuke

"Enough is enough," state Supreme Court Justice Courtney Hudson wrote of Asa Hutchinson III's numerous run-ins with the law.

Supreme Court upholds ruling against Pulaski County JP with hot check convictions

The state Supreme Court affirmed a lower court's decision that Pulaski County JP Kristina Gulley is ineligible to serve because of $15 worth of decades-old misdemeanor hot check convictions. It's likely the governor will soon pick Gulley's replacement.
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UPDATE: Arkansas Supreme Court addresses state mask ban, both sides claim victory

The Arkansas Supreme Court today struck down a trial court's order that upheld a law prohibiting mask mandates in schools and other government agencies in the state.

The maddening irrelevance of Charlie Vaughn’s innocence

A severely intellectually disabled man has spent more than 30 years in an Arkansas prison. The system doesn’t care if he’s actually guilty.

Post-election ethics watch

Complaint pending on partisan campaigning by judicial candidates.

The end of non-partisan judicial races in Arkansas

Nonpartisan elections are heading to the scrapheap in Arkansas thanks to Republican takeover of government.

Injustice in Arkansas. If you read anything today, read Radley Balko on the plight of Charlie Vaughn

The case for release of Charlie Vaughn from an unjust life sentence. The system isn't inclined in his favor.