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Lawmakers question governor’s staff over lectern audit

Legislators asked some good questions about lecterngate Tuesday. They did not get many good answers.
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UPDATE: State auditors refer lecterngate findings to prosecutor’s office

The report details multiple apparent violations of state law related to the governor's spending.

'Lecterngate' audit is ready, but the public release date is still unknown

Auditor Roger Norman said the governor requested an extra week to submit her response to the findings, further delaying the audit report's release to the public.

Audit of gov's $19K lectern purchase nearing end, report due in late March

"To date, our staff has formally interviewed 20 individuals" involved in the purchase of the lectern or the reimbursement that followed, head auditor Roger Norman said.

Republican state lawmakers greenlight podiumgate audits into governor's spending

State auditors will dive into Gov. Sarah Sanders' unorthodox purchase of a $19,029.25 lectern from a longtime political associate.

Taking care of retirement business, Arkansas style

Long-time employees are in line for a retirement system enhancement thanks to a bill speedily cleared by a committee this morning.

State government: The fine print

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette on careful reading this morning inspires a couple of comments: * HEALTH INSURANCE: The newspaper detailed a plan to address the big rate increase in public school health insurance.

Legislative Audit holds itself above the law; defense lawyer sees problems

In Fayetteville Saturday, I ran into Chuck Banks,  criminal defense attorney for former Treasurer Martha Shoffner, and congratulated him on a victory for the Freedom of Information Act in successfully suing Legislative Audit to give up some of the working papers on its Republican-ordered investigation of Shoffner's investment practices.

Legislative Audit's secrets on Martha Shoffner, Lonnie Parker

I note today that lawyers for former state Treasurer Martha Shoffner have filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against Legislative Audit for working papers of an audit of Shoffner's office.

Medicaid: Better budget news; stonewalling on audit trickery

The Department Human Services has released the expected improvement in the projected shortfall in money in operating the existing Medicaid program.

Who audits the auditor?

Doug Smith checked up for The Insider this week on tips about extraordinary pay raises given to legislative auditor Roger Norman (10 percent each of the last three years when other state employees were getting much less, or nothing); a sharp increase in the auditor's cost of office space, and, in the bargain, a memo of Norman's encouraging use of Biblical principles in the division.

Legislative Auditor stands mostly mute

Legislative Auditor Roger Norman may be fine with figures but he's wary of words. Norman declined to discuss detailed complaints that were made against him in an anonymous letter to the Arkansas Times.