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Judge dismisses Palin suit against New York Times

A federal judge has tossed Sarah Palin's lawsuit against the New York Times over an editorial that drew connections between her and gun violence.
IT Arkansas job board

Liberty University president Jerry Falwell Jr. endorses Donald Trump

The Book of Donald.

A new flag to fight about — 'Appeal to Heaven'

Those wishing to impose their religion on others through the state have a new rallying point — a Revolutionary War banner with a religious message. A skirmish over the flag has broken out in Arkansas, pitting Sarah Palin against the Freedom from Religion Foundation.

Sarah Palin endorses Leslie Rutledge for Arkansas Attorney General

Two peas in a pod.

Sarah Palin is in Arkansas and there are still politicians excited to have their picture made with her

Political nonentity Sarah Palin is in Fayetteville today signing her latest book, "Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas" at Sam's Club.

Vice President Cotton sounds the welfare Cadillac trumpet

I heard this last night and groaned. U.S. Rep. Tom Cotton, the Club for Growth's ambassador to Arkansas, said it on Fox News: Well, I obviously disagree with Nancy Pelosi's call for more tax increases, as well as Barack Obama's.

The early line — Tom Cotton for veep

The improving day calls me to other activities. I'm opening the Sunday line early.

Friday follies

The line is open. A fun day or what?

Fatal attraction

Conservatives who claim to love the Constitution are forever wanting to change the Constitution. One might almost question the sincerity of their affection.

History, look out

The latest Republican presidential primary will be scary for sure — they all are — but this one may be scary in an entertaining way, "Mama Grizzly v. Mad Michie."

Sarah Palin: Quitter

Sarah Palin couldn't finish her term as Alaska governor. Now she can't finish her discover America buscapade.

The midnight ride of Sarah Palin

John Brummett endeavors to explain how Sarah Palin didn't know what she was talking about when it came to Paul Revere and that her true believers won't accept the truth about her if hit over the head with a redcoat's musket.