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Expect another special session and yet more tax cuts soon, legislative leaders say

Legislators could put the hundreds of millions of dollars in "surplus" on deck this year into dozens of worthy things, from maternity leave to child care. But when setting spending priorities, they act as if Arkansas is strapped for cash.
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Bryan Sanders is biking to work?

The First Gentleman is biking to work on Friday. Wait a second, what?

Sanders says state won't comply with Title IX changes, swipes again at trans students

Judging from Sanders and Gaines speeches, you'd think the new Title IX rules require universities to let transgender girls to play in womens' sports leagues. They do no such thing.

Sanders and Republican legislators pour money into vouchers and tax cuts while crucial programs suffer

Total funding for two-year colleges was slashed by $848,319, a 0.72% cut compared to last year. Seven two-year colleges were hit with cuts of 2% or more.

Ark. governor and ed secretary bow up with letter to the feds on student loans, Christian persecution

The duo sent a mean letter to U.S. Education Secretary Miguel Cardona on the eve of his trip to Arkansas to let him know we don't like his kind around here.

Fiscal session begins with 'state of the state' address from Sanders

A year of Sarah Sanders, through the governor's rose-colored glasses.

Audit of governor's mysterious $19,000 lectern expected to be released within 10 days

The AP breaks the news that the long-awaited audit of Gov. Sarah Sanders' $19,000 lectern is slated to be released to the public within the next 10 days.

Totality Recall: National media joins in the fun on our over-excitable governor

As a cosmic wonder, the eclipse lived up to the hype. As a beacon that would bring swarms of tourists that burst the capacity of Arkansas, not so much.

Sanders-backed candidate loses GOP legislative primary runoff in Hope

Republican Dolly Henley won a contentious primary runoff election for a legislative seat in southwest Arkansas on Tuesday, defeating Arnetta Bradford, the governor's preferred candidate.

Plan to create state-run insurance company for school buildings in works for fiscal session

State lawmakers will wait until the upcoming fiscal session to decide whether or not to follow a consulting firm’s recommendation that Arkansas start its own insurance company for school properties, legislators said Wednesday. 

Republican infighting over south Arkansas legislative runoff continues, pitting Sanders against old-guard GOP

Add Rep. DeAnn Vaught of Horatio to the list of Republican legislators crying foul over shenanigans in the GOP runoff for state representative in House District 88. Voting records reveal Sanders' preferred candidate, Arnetta Bradford, never voted until 2022.

Dem-Gaz digs into state's purge of school materials on race and civil rights

Are Arkansas social studies teachers actually referencing lists of materials from the state to guide their day-to-day lesson planning? Maybe not. But the chilling effect is real.